The fan-favorite mode Plunder is here in Warzone 2 as players will be able to hop into this cash-centric mode once more.

With its fast-paced action and high-stakes gameplay, it’s no wonder that Plunder has quickly become a favorite amongst the player base.

What is Plunder in Warzone?

Plunder, a game mode in Warzone’s Battle Royale Al Mazrah, involves squads collecting cash from the ground, loot caches, selling items at the shop, killing players or completing contracts.

Players must deposit the cash at a helipad or cash deposit balloon to retain it. Once a team collects $2 million or the timer ran out, the game will enter overtime, where cash amounts increased by 1.5 times.

If you die while holding money, you will lose most of it making depositing a vital aspect of this mode.

The team with the highest cash amount at the end will emerge as the winner. It is a less stressful version of Battle Royale, serving as a warm-up or quick weapon leveling opportunity for players.

With one fan-favorite from the original Warzone coming back, community members have started to wonder could Rebirth Island make a return.

Warzone Plunder soldier carrying cash

All Plunder Events in Warzone 2

In-game events are also back in Plunder which will change the gameplay for just a couple of minutes. Players who take advantage of these events are sure to climb the Plunder leaderboard.

Here are all the events in Warzone 2 Plunder:

  • Blood Money
    • Double Cash is earned for eliminating other players and looting them.
  • Heat
    • Blacksite and Stronghold rewards are paid out five times their usual amount.
  • Contractor
    • All contracts pay out double the cash reward for a short time.
  • Money Siphon
    • ATMs will eject an unlimited supply of cash while this event is active.
  • Choke Hold
    • This event triggers a gas circle in games that have lasted longer than usual.

There is also an event listed as Cannon Fodder, however, the information about it has been redacted.

Buy Station Changes in Warzone 2 Plunder

A new feature to Warzone 2 Plunder is the addition of new items to the buy station. There are three new buyable options which offer benefits to the player.

  • Credit Card
    • Receive 10% cash back on all buy station purchases.
  • Life Insurance
    • Save 50% of your undeposited cash when you die.
  • Angel Investor
    • Will give you a Top Secret contract with a higher than normal payout. Also provides a free UAV.
Item Shop in Plunder

How to Play Plunder in Warzone 2

To play Plunder in Warzone 2, here is what you must do:

  • Boot up Warzone 2.
  • Locate Plunder Quads in the Featured modes section.
  • Select it and start searching for a game.
Plunder in Original Warzone
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