A new map glitch in Warzone 2 has suggested that Plunder mode will be returning to the Battle Royale game.

In the original Warzone, Plunder was a fan-favorite mode where players battled to earn a set amount of money to win the game.

Plunder was a different change of pace to the Battle Royale format as players would infinitely respawn until the match was over.

It was also a great way for Warzone players to level up their weapons!

Plunder Cash Bags

Plunder Possibly Returning to Warzone 2

Despite the lack of mention or confirmation for the Plunder mode from Infinity Ward or Raven Software, a short YouTube clip revealed icons of this mode seem to be present in Warzone 2.

The video showcases a prompt saying, “Call in Cash Deposit Heli”. This was an important feature of the Plunder mode, and its inclusion in Warzone 2 hints at its return.

The prompt found in Warzone 2, appeared in Plunder games to allow players to extract some of the money they’d collected for their team.

Its presence in Warzone 2 would imply that the game mode could be looking to return as part of an upcoming playlist update.

Whether or not that means Infinity Ward intends for it to come to Warzone 2, we can’t be sure.

There’s also a potential that the Plunder icons will feature in DMZ instead of this cash-based mode. In the early DMZ missions, players have already had a challenge asking them to acquire cash.

And there is also the chance that these were just left-over assets that have accidentally made their way into the game.

Plunder Icon in Warzone 2

Plunder was removed from the original Warzone, now rebranded to “Warzone: Caldera” all the way back in August 2022. It was then replaced by “Golden Plunder” which was a larger-scale version of the mode.

The mode has not been seen since and this is the first reference found of Plunder in Warzone 2.

If you want to see the icons from in-game, here is the original video by tiktokalnuke showcasing it:

What is Warzone Plunder Mode?

Plunder was a less intense take on the Battle Royale mode. This mode involved teams trying to collect as much cash as possible.

The goal was to try and reach $1 million in cash amongst your squad.

Once the first team hit this cash amount or the timer ran out, the game would then go into overtime. The cash found would then be multiplied by 1.5 times.

The team who generated the most cash would then be declared the winner once the clock ran out. In the original Warzone, this mode was a great way to warm up or level up your weapons.

With the new system to unlock weapons, Plunder would certainly be a welcomed addition to Warzone 2!

Warzone Plunder

Is Plunder Coming to Warzone 2?

At this moment, we do not know if Plunder will come to Warzone 2. While the glitched icon hints at the possibility it will return, it does not confirm it.

The likelihood is that the addition of another mode in Warzone 2 would come in a new MW2 & Warzone 2 season.

We have already started to see leaks for MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 2, so if this mode is returning we could soon have more information.

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