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PlayStation’s Play At Home Adds 10 New Games For Free

Great news for PlayStation fans; a whopping ten new games are coming to the Play At Home roster completely for free.

PlayStation's Play At Home has been a huge benefit for gamers during the pandemic. As people are forced to remain home, PlayStation has decided to provide the gaming community with a series of free games to keep them busy in their socially distanced situations.

The program has offered players some great titles in the past, with the February State of Play slate providing players with a brilliant PS4 title.

And the free games don't stop there; PS Plus' latest free game additions have pleased and surprised fans.

Now, fans have plenty more on their plates, and a whole myriad of games to add to their download queue. The new additions to the Play At Home program are here, and they're excellent.

PlayStation's New Free Play At Home Games

In a blog post on the official PlayStation website, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan has announced the latest titles for Play At Home.

The new titles will drop on March 25th, giving you enough time to prepare and look into the titles you want to be downloading.

Here's the games you should be excited to play, and also an extra secret game with a different timeframe;


Abzû is the perfect game for winding down and chilling out. Created by the artists behind the likes of Journey and Flower, it's a gorgeous diving game that allows you to explore the dark recesses of the ocean and observe its vibrant creatures.

With a gorgeous art style and a subtle soundtrack, Abzû is the ultimate escapist dream. Plus, you can hang onto stingrays as they swim around. And if that doesn't sell you on Abzû, I don't know what will.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home

Enter The Gungeon

If you're a fan of dungeon-crawlers and enemies shaped like bullets, then Enter the Gungeon is the title for you. It's a charming and funny game with a great 32-bit art style, but don't let it fool you. It's tough.

In randomly generated dungeons, fight through branching paths and past punishing bosses in a journey to kill your past. It'll take some practice to reach the lower levels, but the grind will be worth it.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite promises to be a visceral synaptic experience, and we believe it. Boasting an undeniably unique style, the game takes you through transforming bosses, an ever-changing fold of color, and a dizzying, pounding techno soundtrack.

Whether you choose to play on PS4 or with the optional VR adaption, Rez Infinite will likely shock and surprise you regardless. It looks like a game that'll mess with your mind, and we're into it.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home
Rez Infinite

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Another game in Play At Home's roster of deep-sea diving titles, Subnautica looks like a beautifully immersive experience. You have crash-landed on an alien planet, and your only option is to explore its oceans to find your way home.

Swim through gorgeous and deadly coral reefs, trenches, and more. It looks like Play From Home likes its exploration games!

The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game that respects your intelligence. It's a hard balance to strike, but The Witness hits the nail on the head.

Set on an open-world island to explore with over 500 puzzles to complete, take your time with challenges that keep offering new ideas to play with. No frills, no filler, just great puzzles to solve. Lovely.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home
The Witness

There are also some VR titles coming to Play From Home; here's what you can get stuck into if you've shelled out for a headset already...

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

In a new adventure from PlayStation fans' new favorite mascot, Astro Bot Rescue Mission truly puts you in the driving seat of a platformer. Take every jump with caution and stay curious about the world around you; it might just get to you to the end of the game.

With plenty of secrets to discover, this game looks like a delight. And if the easter eggs in this game are like those of Astro Bot's previous game, we're excited already.


A single-player action-adventure designed specifically for VR, Moss puts you in the paws of Quill, a mouse with high hopes and big dreams.

Explore beyond the world of your settlement and venture to the woods, where ancient magic is just about to awaken. The game looks like a sweet way to get some exploring done, and we're excited to explore the magical forest.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home

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Perhaps the most aptly-titled game on the list, Thumper is a pounding, relentless rhythm game. Brave the void as you fire down a track tapping along to the savage soundtrack all the while.

It's certainly more an experience than it is a linear game, and will pump you with enough euphoria to play through it all over again the moment you're done.

Paper Beast

Explore a world born from lost internet data in Paper Beast. Explore a vista of dreams and wonder - full of obstacles, puzzles, and origami elephants.

The game looks delightfully dreamy, and we can't wait to hop in.

Those are the games coming to PlayStation's Play From Home roster! The games will be available for free download on March 25th, so get ready to add all of these suckers to your download queue.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home
Paper Beast

But, there's actually another game coming along with these titles. It's got a different timeframe than the Play From Home games, but it will be just as free.

Here's what awaits you around Play From Home...

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Will Be Free In April

That's right! The game heralded as one of the greatest of the previous generation, Horizon Zero Dawn, will also be coming to PlayStation users for free.

Its timeframe is a little shifted from those on the Play At Home roster, so it technically isn't part of that family. But, its free-to-play window is similar.

Ten new games coming to PlayStation Play At Home
Horizon Zero Dawn

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You'll have to be vigilant to grab it, so remember the date!

Horizon Zero Dawn will be free to play from April 19 to May 14, so knock it in your diary and you'll be ready to snag the popular title when it's available to you.

Those are all the free games that were recently announced around Play At Home's March slate!

PlayStation are treating us with some excellent titles, and we're excited to jump in.

We hope we can get our hands on a PS5 soon so we can play these titles in the best way possible.

Thankfully, a huge 46,000 strong PS5 drop from Amazon is coming very soon.

Plus, the console is performing immensely well despite stock troubles. Reports have shown the PS5 to be the fastest-selling console in US history.

If you're still desperate for a console too, check out our US PS5 stock tracker.

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