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PlayStation’s New Charging Dock Resembles a Tiny PS5, See it in Action

The DualSense’s new charging dock resembles a tiny version of the PS5 console, according to new footage of the device in action.

While the PlayStation 5 DualSense charging dock has been in the public eye for a while now, new details are being unearthed. Most people won’t bother to pick up the stylish new controller charger, despite its early release.

However, a fan who did purchase the charging dock early now shows why every PS5 gamer will want one. Besides being a useful bit of kit for those who don’t want to fiddle with wires, the new tech is also themed around the new console.

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(Source: Sony)

DualSense Charging Dock Resembles a Tiny PS5

When stood upright, the DualSense controller charging dock resembles a tiny PS5. This makes it the perfect companion to the new console.

However, given that the device lies on its side, this interesting detail will likely be quickly forgotten by gamers everywhere. The dock can hold two DualSense controllers at once and will look perfect next to any PS5 console.

Considering the sheer size of the PlayStation 5, this charging dock replica is a minuscule PS5 indeed. And thankfully, despite the device’s shape appearing relatively uneven, the charging dock is designed to be stable.

Another DualSense owner on Reddit shows off their device with a controller docking. From what we can see, it’s incredibly easy to charge the next-gen hardware, and the sleek white design fits perfectly with the PS5 theme.

What’s notable is that two recent Reddit posts about the docking station have close to 10,000 upvotes between them. When a community gets this excited over a charging dock, you know the hype for the next-gen console is real.

From what we can tell, you’re certainly going to need to use that charging port often too. While the DualSense controller has a much larger battery than the DualShock 4, reports indicate that it dies even faster.

One YouTuber claims the PS5 DualSense Battery is disappointing after going hands-on with the new hardware. Perhaps it’ll be worth investing in a second controller for those extended gaming sessions.

Those that have had the chance to try out the DualSense in action praise the controller’s innovation, however. In fact. the DualSense’s adaptive triggers appear to be the best new controller feature in years.

And those who pay extra close attention to Sony’s new product might just notice this mind-blowing DualSense controller detail.