PlayStation Virtual Reality FAQs, Release Date, Price, Games

PlayStation Virtual Reality FAQs

With the launch of PlayStation Virtual Reality there may be many questions you need answers to. Find out the PlayStation Virtual Reality FAQs here.

PlayStation Virtual Reality FAQs

When is PlayStation VR coming out?

With PlayStation VR available for Pre-Order many of you may be wondering, “When is it coming out”?! PS VR will be available October 13th.

How much is Playstation VR?

The PlayStation VR costs $399, £349 or AU$550.

What is Playstation VR?

PlayStation VR is a virtual reality gaming headset which is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

What are the PlayStation VR games?

We have listed all the PlayStation VR games in a separate article.

Do you have to have a camera to use PlayStation VR?

Yes, but you have to buy the camera separately.

What is the PlayStation VR Gun?

The PlayStation VR Gun is an accessory, which is officially called the “PS VR Aim Controller”. It offers the most realistic and precise way to control a game.

PlayStation VR Gun

What is the PlayStation VR Movement Controller?

The PlayStation VR Movement Controller is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PlayStation VR. The controller is optional but as like all PS VR accessories it would be a lot better to have.

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