September 2019 PS Plus Free Games: Predictions

September 2019 PS Plus Free Games

The August free games have only just made their way into the PlayStation Store, although players’ attention is already turned towards what’s around the corner next. The September 2019 PS Plus free games are scheduled to be revealed later this month by Sony; here’s our predictions.

Free PS4 Games for September 2019 PlayStation Plus Members

We stress that these are merely predictions based on upcoming releases and tradition, the prospect of the following titles is yet to be confirmed via Sony.

It’s important to note that players must be subscribed to PlayStation Plus in order to be granted with free access to a host of games each month. Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at what may potentially be in store as of next month.

Tropico 5

Limbic Entertainment is set to release the next instalment of the Tropico franchise towards the end of September. The latest iteration of the franchise is slowly declining in terms of players, as we look forward to Tropico 6 on September 27.

Although Tropico 5 has already made an appearance on the monthly free games program back in May 2016, there wouldn’t be a better way to accompany Limbic’s upcoming launch.


The launch of a new FIFA title is always a colossal deal. Electronic Arts will release FIFA 20 on September 27; a plethora of mainstream headlines are expected to surface alongside its launch.

While the latest instalment’s sales are likely to decline as of result the upcoming title, it would make sense for FIFA 19 to become free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

EA Sports titles are somewhat familiar with the system, although any release of the FIFA franchise is yet to make an appearance. Could it be time for that to change?

NHL 19

While one free EA game may seem like enough, two may be deemed a little farfetched by some. Nevertheless, NHL 20 will be released on September 13th – and maybe the latest iteration of the series could release alongside it for free.

Similar to the FIFA franchise, an NHL launch is yet to make its way on the PS Plus system. But there’s no reason as to why that can’t change.

Upcoming free PlayStation games are usually announced on the final Wednesday of each month, which suggests Sony will unveil the next set on August 28, 2019. In the meantime, players can get hands-on with Wipeout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4.

What are your thoughts on our predictions for the September 2019 PlayStation Plus free games? Are there any strong possibilities we’ve missed?


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