September 2018 PS Plus Games – Destiny 2 & God of War III Remastered

September 2018 PS Plus Games - Destiny 2 & God of War III Remastered

What a year we’ve had! Now heading into the last quarter, many were hoping that we would see the year off with an amazing selection of titles. We have not disappointed. Especially coming off the back of incredible titles such as Mafia III, which we saw as part of the August 2018 PS Plus lineup.

The news came out yesterday evening as to the games we have been granted. For those that have not heard, the two main titles are both Destiny 2 and God of War III Remastered. Two giant franchises and hugely popular games when they were both released.

September 2018 PS Plus Lineup

The games this month came as a surprise to most of us, as peoples radars were indicating either The Order or another Indie title. Due to the large AAA titles (at release) we’ve seen over the past few months, it seems plausible that Playstation would mix things up. But, oh no, they just keep on rolling out the epic games to add to our monthly collection!

Destiny 2

So yes, the first title is Bungie’s very own Destiny 2. The sequel to the massive online-only multiplayer first-person shooter, Destiny 1.

Originally being released only last September, Destiny 2 has had a mixture of reviews since its launch. A positive was that for those who invested countless hours into D1, there was a character progression in which your character (or the base aesthetics) can be carried through to this second title. With another gripping campaign, exciting strikes and challenging endgame Raid, this game has loads of content for new players to the Destiny universe. (It will be a 24 hours free trial before September 4th).

The mixture of opinions was more centred around the fact that some content was locked behind DLC, primarily that which original Destiny players were used to playing weekly. With this vanilla edition of Destiny 2, not all weekly nightfalls or strikes will be available.

That being said, for a free game, there is countless fun to be had with you and your buddies. And if that was not exciting enough, Destiny 2 is available to download and play RIGHT NOW! Usually, PS Plus titles are not available until the first Tuesday of the new month, but Bungie and Sony are allowing players to experience the playable universe with its diverse planets and enemies which await, early.

PS Plus September Destiny

God of War III Remastered

The next title on the list for the September 2018 PS Plus lineup is God of War III Remastered. Over 10 years old now, God of War III is one of Santa Monica Studio’s finest works. Throughout every God of War title, there has been a heavy focus on not only the intuitive combat system but just as much on the breath-taking visuals and the heart-stirring narrative.

In this title, you continue your journey as Kratos, who is an ex-Spartan warrior and God amongst men. The levels of combat and fluid-movements mechanics have been rarely matched to that within the God of War series. And this remastered edition is no different! Wielding the deadly burning Blades of Exile (Blades of Chaos), your purpose is to slay a whole manner of foes, Mythical and Godly in both might and mystery.

PS Plus September GOW Blades of Chaos

In this remastered version, the true character and experience have remained untouched. However, the visuals have been polished to showcase the true beauty of the game in 1080p HD and now runs at a smooth 60 FPS.

Extras Title for the September 2018 PS Plus Lineup

We also have an enticing range of titles for the other PlayStation platforms in September. It should be noted that the devices mentioned below are what is natively supported, but thanks to ‘Cross-Buy’ all titles can be downloaded and played also on a PS4 console.


  • Another World (20th Aniversary Edition) – A true classic amongst platform/adventure games. Otherwise known as Out Of This World, Another World has become iconic since its release in 1991. You play as Lester Knight Chaykin who has to overcome a nuclear experiment that goes horribly wrong. The 20th Anniversary Edition has remastered the classic, provides 3 difficulty modes and also allows players to toggle between original and Full HD graphics and also the original or remastered game score.
  • QUBE Director’s Cut – One of two puzzle titles to be added as part of the September 2018 PS Plus lineup. This first-person adventure from Toxic Games will require the utmost skill and ability your brain can muster. Traverse the levels in the most skilful yet fastest way possible in order to progress. This game also features challenges and time-trials for those who wish to have an added level of gameplay.

PS Vita

  • Sparkle 2 – A classic bubble shooter puzzle game. One of the most popular mobile-style games out there, this enchanting title brings the magic to both your PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Through your adventures aim to discover the hidden keys, to unlock more secrets along the way.
  • Foul Play – You play as Baron Dashforth in this brutal side-scrolling game. With fun visuals, you play in this co-op game to destroy all that stand before you. Appease the onlookers with attacks only a game could bring to life.


  • Knowledge is Power – A perfect game for any get-together. Friends and family alike can all join in this title by simply downloading the PlayLink app onto their smart-phones. Test your knowledge with laugh-out-loud fun and endless hours of entertainment that can be had with this addition to the September 2018 PS Plus lineup.


  • Here they Lie – A gripping and eerie horror title. Immerse yourself into the twisted realms as your aim to uncover the mysteries before you. Another Santa Monico Studio title this month, so expect to be blown away by both the graphics and the story within.

PS plus is a service that allows gamers to experience their favourite titles with their friends all around the world. The monthly free games are a great bonus for this service as well as further discounts on 100’s of other titles. If you are interested and do not already have a PS Plus membership, go visit the PSN store on your console on the PlayStation Website.


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