PlayStation VR 2 is NOT Releasing Alongside PS5, Says Head of R&D

PlayStation VR 2 PS5

A PlayStation VR 2 will not be released at the same time as the new PS5 console. Sony’s Global Head of Research and Development for PlayStation, Dominic Mallinson, has stated so in an interview with CNet.

PS VR 2 Will NOT Arrive Alongside PlayStation 5

Mallinson has stated that the PlayStation VR 2 will not be released when the PS5 is. In the interview, he says that it would be too confusing and overwhelming for consumers if Sony were to release multiple products at once.

This is mostly due to the fact that the current PlayStation Virtual Reality headset did rather well despite being released a few years after the PlayStation 4. So far, the VR headset has sold over 4.2 million headsets since its release.

The good news is that the current PS VR will be compatible with the PS5. This suggests that we won’t be getting a Playstation VR 2 for a while yet. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

What’s Next for PlayStation VR?

The developers at Sony have been considering different ways that they could make the PlayStation VR 2 headset even better. Obviously, with the release of Facebook’s Oculus Quest – a console-free VR headset, PlayStation would be looking at making the move to a wireless product. Mallinson noted that he would probably like the next PSVR to be lightweight, too.

He also notes that Sony would love to incorporate eye-tracking into their virtual reality experience. As of yet, there are no VR headsets that offer this feature. The PSVR 2 would be the first of its kind if Sony decides to go down this path.

The benefits of eye-tracking technology would mean less rendering time for the parts of the game you aren’t focusing on at that moment in time. Essentially, it would work in a similar way to your own eyes. It would work by focusing on the most important parts wholly. This, in turn, would make the entire system run a lot smoother as it won’t have to constantly load everything up at once.


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