PS5 Spec and Project Epsilon Leak – Genuine Leak or Fake News?


Rumors and leaks regarding the PlayStation 5 are now starting to appear. Today a twitter user has posted a confidential document screenshot of details regarding the PS5 Spec. The document was named PS5 ‘Project Epsilon.’ This is most likely to just be a code name for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Console, just like what we saw with the Xbox One X, previously named ‘Project Scorpio’ before launch.

After the tweet was posted, within a few minutes it was taken down. With that being said, this may actually have some deep meaning. Despite the tweet being taken down within minutes, one of the Gaming INTEL Team members was able to take a screenshot. Unfortunately due to legal reasons we aren’t allowed to show this image just incase the leak turns out to be real, hence the reason for it being blurred out. Therefore, we’ve stated everything the ‘Project Epsilon’ screenshot said below.

Project Epsilon Preliminary Specs

  • CPU: AMD “Zen”, 8 Cores

Single-chip custom processor

  • GPU: 14.20 TFLOPS, AMD “Navi” based graphics engine

AMD new generation graphics system

  • Memory: 32 GB GDDR6 technology

1T SSD storage

Project Epsilon Games

  • All games developed by Sony Interactive Worldwide Studios with production starting after April 1, 2018 will be exclusively for the Project Episilon system.
  • All PS4 / PS4 Pro titles can run better on Project Epsilon system via a update patch, all through Backwards Compatibility.

PS5 Spec and Project Epsilon Leak

All other details about this leak seem legit, however the one thing which is putting us off is that it states, “with production starting after April 1, 2018.” Strongly suggests this could be an April fools. This could, however, be a bizarre coincidence but it’s up to you whether you believe it or not. Nevertheless, with E3 2018 coming up we could potentially hear more details then.


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