Sony Confirm PlayStation 5 Specs and Backwards Compatibility

Sony Confirm PlayStation 5 Specs and Backwards Compatibility

The PlayStation 5 may be coming out sooner than you think. A post on The Wired has surfaced confirming the PS5 specs and Backwards Compatibility.

It may surprise you that the PS4 release date was November 15, 2013. That is over five years ago now, but it appears as though we may have finally had a sneak peek at what we could get our hands.

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PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

As with Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony will follow suit with PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility, meaning you’ll be able to play some of your favorite PS4 games on the PS5 in better quality. This would include physical games and the PS store.

PS5 Specs, News

PS5 Specs

In the recent post, Sony has detailed some of the PlayStation 5 specs.

  • SSD and more storage
  • 8 Core AMD Processor
  • Radeon Navi GPU (Supports up to 8K resolution, even though most TVs aren’t compatible with 8K)
  • Raytracing

It seems as if PlayStation’s next-gen console will truly revolutionize Gaming. A change in CPU and GPU will provide the ability to produce fantastic visual effects. Further, the PS5 is scheduled to feature a host of audio improvements in a bid to enhance each user’s experience.

As per the post, the PS5 console will feature more SSD and greater storage in general. The Wired pointed out that Spider-Man will be able to now load much quicker from 15 seconds to 0.8, for example. This will be a change which will undoubtedly come to the pleasure of many fans.

Additionally, players will have the ability to use their PlayStation VR headset on the PlayStation 5. Furthermore, Sony also confirmed that there’s a chance for possible cross-platform releases.

PS5 Release Date

It appears as though Sony has kept details of when the PS5 will be launching under wraps. The post did mention that the console will not be releasing this year, however. Although, that may have already been a given to some.

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While Sony has begun to announce details of what we can expect following the launch of the next-gen console, it wouldn’t be a poor estimate to predict a PS5 release in 2020. That has not been confirmed as of yet, however.

For now, it’s believed that Sony unveiled their first details regarding the system because they’ll not be attending E3 2019. It’s unclear as to when we can expect to witness additional information release, however. If the PlayStation 5 happens to release next year, then we can expect further details to surface later this year or at beginning of 2020.


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