October 2018 PS Plus Games – Friday the 13th: The Game & Laser League

PS Plus October

The selection of game for the October 2018 PS Plus lineup seems to fit perfectly with the spooky theme of the month. Coming off the back of Huge titles such as Destiny 2 and God of War 3 Remastered, PlayStation wanted us to experience fun multiplayer titles this month.

Landing tomorrow on October 2nd, we have a fun selection which is bound to cater to all players, styles, and abilities. The two main titles which are featured for this October 2018 PS Plus lineup include Friday the 13th: The Game and also Laser League. Perhaps deviating slightly from the AAA selection we have seen over previous months, this collection serves as a warm respite from the list of games we have come to know. But this, by no means, suggests that the October 2018 PS Plus games are lesser in any way! All titles will still provide countless hours of fun regardless of players preference.

October 2018 PS Plus Lineup

The two main titles feature polar opposite games in regards to style, gameplay, and design. The first of which is based around possibly one of the most notorious horror classics, whilst the second main title is a fun, fast paced and futuristic sports game.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Players will experience this gritty and grimy horror survival game as they experience what it is like to play as the iconic Jason Voorhees. In the horror cult genre, Jason’s Hokey mask is possibly one of the most recognized faces/items.

Much like Dead by Daylight which we received earlier this year via PS Plus, one player will be randomly selected as the masked killer Jason. The other seven players in the lobby will play as camp counselors. A classic cat & mouse style game, Jason has a range of abilities which aid him in tracking down the counselors, but it is not all one-sided as they will have weapons, firecrackers, traps and other items which may be used to stun and hinder Jason.

PS Plus 2018 October Friday 13th

The overall objective (depending on who you are) is to either survive as long as possible or to kill as many counsellers in the allotted time.

As of mid-2017, there was also a Single Player mode added by the developers IllFonic which pits you (Jason) against a number of AI-controlled bots, but this is nowhere near as fun as the raw emotion of playing against real people.

Laser League

This next title as part of the October 2018 PS Plus lineup is an exciting high-octane multiplayer sports game. Developed by Roll7, a London based video games company who bought us OlliOlli, Laser League flips up the norm for multiplayer offline and online games.

A game which will test you and your friends to find out who truly has the better reflexes, awareness and perhaps better overall skill. A range of different classes and playstyles will be at your disposal, so how you wish to play will really be down to preference. But one thing is for sure, this title will bring countless hours of fun. With a small arena of combat to manoeuver around, defeat your enemies whilst finding the balance between offense and defense.

PS Plus 2018 October Laser League

Extras Title for the October 2018 PS Plus Lineup

The excitement does not stop there! Oh no! With even more titles for those PlayStation fans on other platforms. It should be noted that the PSVR and PS PlayLink titles have been the same as previous months but we will briefly cover those here for anyone who may have missed it. Some titles featured can also be used on multiple devices thanks to the ‘cross-buy’ feature.


  • Master Reboot – A sci-fi adventure game, your soul has been uploaded to the servers. So even from death, your memories live on. In what feels reminiscent to the Minority Report, you will face a perfect blend of both action and adventure which will thrust you into your past to help shape your future.
  • The Bridge – A super fun 2D platformer game will test the limits of your brain. Cross play with PS4 and the PS Vita, The Bridge will express puzzles, physics, and riddles that only the greatest minds can solve. A stunning black & white game, it feels like stepping back in time.

PS Vita

  • Rocketbirds 2: Evolution – Playing as a super chicken secret agent, it is your duty to hunt down and eradicate the evil Penguin and his cretinous team. With up to 4 players either online or offline, this is a fun title that can also be played on the PS4 thanks to crossplay. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution is also another 2d platformer game, but the verticality in this title really allows the world to open up!
  • 2064: Read Only Memories – A compelling thriller based story, this pixel art game is a treat for your eyes. The retro design thrusts players into a by-gone era yet also merges the future world in this exciting game. Again cross play on ps4, players will experience the life of a feisty journalist who will use everything at her disposal to uncover the jarring conspiracy that is circulating around this Neo-San Fransisco.


  • A popularly twisted Santa Monia Studios title, you must delve deep into the realms of mystery and mayhem. The further you venture the more you will uncover! This horror title will leave you unhinged yet wanting more!


  • Knowledge is Power – a title we have has as part of the PS Plus lineup the past few months, a fun addition to the collection. A trivia-based game, this is perfect for any get together to really crank up the excitement and energy levels to 10! All players need is to download the PlayLink app on the mobile device and this title onto your console, then you are all good to go.

PS plus is a service that allows gamers to experience their favourite titles with their friends all around the world. The monthly free games are a great bonus for this service as well as further discounts on 100’s of other titles. If you are interested and do not already have a PS Plus membership, go visit the PSN store on your console on the PlayStation Website.


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