July 2018 PS Plus Games – Heavy Rain & Absolver

July 2018 PS Plus feature

For many, last months PS Plus games, have kept us pleasantly occupied. Both Xcom 2 and Trials Fusion, were part of the selection, but Sony have now revealed the latest titles we can expect in our July 2018 PS Plus lineup. It is inevitable that for some, there will be a month or two which contain already owned games. Social media seems to be the chosen soapbox for unimpressed fans who face this dilemma. But we have to remember that the PS Plus monthly fee is to game online with our friends, and the games gifted are exactly that. Gifts. With that being said, the two main titles for the July 2018 PS Plus lineup are Heavy Rain and Absolver.

July 2018 PS Plus Games

It should also be noted, that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is still available to download for all PS Plus members. This is part of an exclusive gift as was revealed throughout E3. Treyarch added this title as a free download up until the 11th of July, in an attempt to promote and entice fans towards the upcoming Black Ops 4 game.

As stated the two main titles this month are Heavy Rain and Absolver.

Heavy Rain

This is a hugely successful game from Quantic Dream. It seems that most titles they release resonate well with all types of gamers. This may be due to the immersive nature of the gameplay or perhaps the unique playstyle that these games warrant. A key selling point of Heavy Rain is the “multiple choice” story, in which decisions you make and evidence you uncover, is equally detrimental as those that you do not. As far a gripping psychological experiences go, this game comes out pretty near the top of the pile!

If you enjoyed the previously released game, Beyond: Two Souls, from Quantic Dream as part of the May PS Plus offering, you are bound to enjoy Heavy Rain. Even if you are unfamiliar with this studio’s works, it is a highly rated title and would be a perfect taster for those interested in purchasing the new Detroit: Become Human.

July 2018 PS Plus Heavy Rain


This Sloclap title is an interesting addition to the July 2018 PS Plus lineup. Sloclap being a relatively small and new development company based in Paris, France, Absolver is their only title to date. Heavily focused on an online gameplay, Absolver is a multiplayer combat experience. The beauty of this game lies not only in the alluring aesthetics but also in the ability to customize the overall gameplay.

You will play as a masked warrior who aims to fight through the fallen Adal Empire. With a combination of solo duels and 3v3 battles, you will unlock new weapons and armour. This all serves to further enhance your selected combat style and chosen attacks. And for those who wish a less competitive approach, there are PvE areas as well as the multiplayer PvP zones. But ultimately, how you fight is truly down to you.

July 2018 PS Plus Absolver

Extra Titles for the July 2018 PS Plus Lineup

Other titles coming free this month to all PS Plus members include the following,


  • Rayman 3 HD – A Rayman classic title, players explore the journey through the Crossroad of Dreams. Play as either Rayman himself or Globox, in this visual masterpiece. Skillfully enhanced in HD (High Definition), a fun title for PS3 fans.
  • Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – Play as Velguirie, The Nightmare Princess as you embark on a sordid quest to revive the devil by trapping humans. With a host of traps and moves, Velguirie utilizes an array of spins and kicks to reach her goal.

PS Vita

  • Space Overlords – In this game, a team of four brothers rises up to overturn the evil Kesedihan. Whilst you have been imprisoned, Kesedihan has sought to slowly destroy the cosmos. With a selection of different brother to choose from, they all have their own styles, stats and attack mods. There even is a neat level editor, for those who are more creatively minded.
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma – In what is a very TellTale esque game, this animated storytelling title will provide hours of entertainment. Not only from a visual standpoint but also thanks to the multiple endings and outcomes as well as the puzzles you must master throughout.

PS plus is a service that allows gamers to experience their favorite titles with their friends all around the world. The monthly free games are a great bonus for this service as well as further discounts on 100’s of other titles. If you are interested and do not already have a PS Plus membership, go visit the PSN store on your console on the PlayStation Website.


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