August 2018 PS Plus Games – Mafia III & Dead By Daylight

August 2018 PS Plus games

According to data collected and provided by Sony in their financial report earlier this year (March 2018), PS Plus users have increased beyond 34.2 million. That number is staggering when compared to the 31.5 million users in the prior quarter. That means that based on a detailed and well-structured plan, Sony was able to garner almost 3 million users over a 3 month period. This was largely in part due to the great selection of games we have been offered each month as part of the PlayStation Plus membership. However, it was also revealed earlier this week via the most recent financial report from Sony that PS Plus has seen a 300k (thousand) loss in its membership as of late. Consequently, it would be astute of Sony to release big titles as part of the  August 2018 PS Plus lineup. Especially if they want to see an upward trend like that at the end of the last fiscal year, regarding membership figures.

For many, the fact that we get free monthly games in addition to the ability to play online with our friends is more than adequate. But, as is human nature, it is sometimes hard to not be disappointed when the titles are poor in quality, narrative or gameplay. (Of course, this is wholly subjective). But thanks to Sony this year, on a whole, has been one of the best to date, with some huge titles, enticing indie games and fun multiplayer selections.

With the likes of Xcom 2 and Trials fusion as well as Heavy Rain and Absolver over the past 2 months, the August 2018 PS Plus lineup had the online community sharing a tangible sense of excitement. And rightly so given the fact that this month the two main feature titles are Mafia III and Dead by Daylight.

August 2018 PS Plus Games

Being some of the biggest games we have ever seen dropped as part of the PS Plus membership. All the titles included are sure to provide hours and hours of fun. Not only for those avid single player fan but the expansive online multiplayer community as well. These will be available to download from the store for all PlayStation Plus members on the 7th August 2018. The reason for this slightly delayed date is because the games and PSN store update the first Tuesday of each month.

Mafia III

Mafia III (3) is a historically scarring single player open world game developed by Hangar 13, a Californian based video game company. Playing as the main protagonist Lincoln Clay, the game centres around the streets of New Orleans, more specifically, New Bourdeaux. With the main intent being to build your criminal empire whilst eradicating the enemy, this gritty action-adventure game dances on the fringes of immersion and 1960s Southern State.

Its scenic surroundings and environments will stimulate players but the harrowing truth and honest brutality of being a black man in America at this time, serves as a gripping and engaging title.

August 2018 PS Plus game Mafia 3 New Bordeaux

Many have played this game, but for those who have not been so lucky, there are colourful uses of language and racial slurs akin to the period of which it is set. This upon release in October 2016 did cause a wave of controversy, but since has been accepted as an all-around solid open world adventure game. This is a probable outcome based on the smooth driving, expansive world and extreme gunfights that take place.

Dead by Daylight

To perfectly compliment the single-player epic that is Mafia III, Dead by Daylight is an enthralling multiplayer experience. Based on 4v1 playstyle, the purpose of the game is for the 4 players (up to 4) to outlive and escape from the single manic killer. A truly sadistic yet widely popular addition to the August 2018 PS Plus lineup.

Dead by Daylight is a title which utilises multiple dynamic styles of play to fully enhance the player’s experience. The masked brute of a killer will run around in the first person and their only objective/purpose is to find and kill all other players. As for the teams of survivors, they explore in the third person, allowing a more “open” experience. But this, of course, still maintains the suspense as they try to escape the arena, otherwise known as the “Killing Ground”.

August 2018 PS Plus game Dead by Daylight

A slightly older game than Mafia 3, as was released in June 2016, this has been a popular choice for many successful YouTubers to playthrough, such as the Sidemen. Serving as an example of the talented albeit twisted minds of the developers over at Behaviour Digital Inc.

Extras Title for the August 2018 PS Plus Lineup

It seems that both main titles this month have a theme of violence and brutality. And it appears that the other games and titles that will be coming as part of the August 2018 PS Plus lineup follow a similar trend. These include


  • Bound by Flame – A brutal RPG title in which you play as a ravaged mercenary. An evil and twisted game which will see you thrust in a gloomy existence whilst aiming to defeat the Ice Lords and their Dead-Army. With a dynamic skill tree, players will also have the ability to choose how they level up their combat and powers throughout.
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE – An over the top FPS (First Person Shooter) in which you will face creatures, beasts and monsters the likes of which you have never seen before. Originally out on PC back in 2011, you will explore 22nd century Egypt and can even play with friends online or on the couch, thanks to the 16 player online and 4 player co-op split screen modes available.

PS Vita

  • Draw Slasher – Hanzo is your main character. Driven by the torment of having his loved ones kidnapped by the Pirate Monkey Zombies, this Ninja will rely solely on your reflexes as you slash and slice your way to their freedom. There is even a treat if you “pinch” the screen with your fingers whilst in battle, but you can discover that yourself.
  • Space Hulk – Based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, this space battle game is perfect for die-hard Warhammer fans and new players alike. Can you reclaim your honour as your attempt to attack the Space Hulk “Sin of Damnation” with your troop of brave and heroic Space Marine Terminators?


  • Knowledge is Power – A fun quiz game that up to 6 friends (or foes) can play via the PlayLink app. This game is all about testing your knowledge to win the race to the top. Whether you are seeking casual fun with the family or wish to prove your mental agility against your friends, this is the perfect game for all players.


  • Here They Lie – Not for the faint-hearted, this dark and trippy horror game that will unnerve even the coolest of players. Once the PS VR headset it on, you will become teleported to an unpredictable world with the sole purpose of trying to reveal any mysteries that may lay before you.

PS plus is a service that allows gamers to experience their favourite titles with their friends all around the world. The monthly free games are a great bonus for this service as well as further discounts on 100’s of other titles. If you are interested and do not already have a PS Plus membership, go visit the PSN store on your console on the PlayStation Website.


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