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How To Check Your Playstation’s Stats for 2020

The Playstation Wrap-Up, Sony's tool for tracking game statistics, is finally back for 2020!

Spotify Unwrapped. Apple Music Replay. The Nintendo Switch Year in Review. Something about knowing exactly how long we spent with our entertainment in any given year is magnetic.

Users love to dive back through their backlog to see exactly what games and music have shaped our lives for the last 12 months.

Thankfully, Playstation's video-gamey answer to this phenomenon is Playstation Wrap-Up, and it's finally arrived to tally your 2020!

It's a good time to check back on your year, especially with the exciting year for gaming that awaits us through 2021. Here's our breakdown of the most anticipated games coming this year.

Plus, PS4 games are starting to get the next gen treatment, as God of War has recieved a PS5 upgrade.

God of War
God of War

The stats primarily focus on the games played and trophies earned on the PS4, but you're not entirely out of luck if the PS5 is your first Sony console.

There are additional statistics avaliable for PS5 players, like your top game and how many hours you spent with it.

Plus, there's even an exclusive dynamic PS4 theme to coincide with the wrap-up. Here's how to claim it, and find out exactly what your 2020 in gaming looks like...

PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up Stats

In order to take a look at your year with Playstation, you'll have to head to the Playstation Wrap-Up website.

There are a few entry requirements to check out your year, though. You need a registerd PSN account, you must be 18 years or older, and you must have played on a PS4 for at least 10 hours since January 1st 2020. As long as you meet these requirements, you're good to go.

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Once you're on the website, just fill out your PSN details, and you're all set. Feel free to peruse your year's statistics as long as you like.

The run-down will offer you an insight into stats like your trophies earned, hours played, and the day of the week you played most. Some games will offer some specialized data, like a counter of enemies killed in Ghosts of Tsushima.

ghosts of tsushima
Ghosts of Tsushima

But, if you're looking to tally up your data, you might want to be quick. The service will only be around until March 2nd, so you have only one month to put it to use.

It's just as well that the statistics don't focus much on the PS5; many players can't get their hands on one anyway. A very minor restock has been confirmed for this coming week, and fans are growing intense.

The Playstation's stock problems in Japan are reaching fever pitch, with utter mayhem unfolding for PS5 restockings.

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