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PlayStation Takes Over London’s Oxford Circus, Despite England’s Lockdown

As part of a new piece of viral marketing, PlayStation has taken over London’s Oxford Circus. But a national lockdown may bring the timing of this stunt into question.

The PlayStation is about to launch in the UK, among other regions of Europe and the world, at midnight tonight. To get ahead of the game, Sony is taking the iconic London tube signs and giving them a PlayStation-inspired makeover.

playstation symbols
(Source: Sony)

Given that the traditional Oxford Circus underground sign is a red circle, a genius at PlayStation’s PR team made the connection with the company’s signature symbols. The Cross, Triangle, and Square found on PlayStation’s controllers are now joining the Circle at Oxford Circus.

Sony Adds a PlayStation Flair to London’s Oxford Circus

And we’re not just talking about the wall art either, as PlayStation is swapping out various underground signs as well. Now, those in Oxford Circus, London, can see a range of brightly-lit PlayStation symbols around the area.

What’s more, several locations have seen a name change, in an incredible move by PlayStation. Mile End station is now Miles End, Lancaster Gate is Ratchet and Clankaster Gate, Seven Sisters is Gran Turismo 7 Sisters, and West Ham is Horizon Forbidden West Ham.

Even the tube line map has changed the station icons to the classic PlayStation shapes.

What’s hilarious about the new marketing is that it’s right outside the front door of Microsoft’s London store. We’re not saying that’s why PlayStation chose Oxford Circus for this rebranding, but it certainly is a nice bonus.

Playstation’s Advertising in Oxford Circus, but You Can’t Go and See It

Although PlayStation’s Oxford Circus advertisement is one of the company’s most creative UK promotions in years, it’s sadly going to go unnoticed. Right now, England is in the midst of a national lockdown.

Despite many people wanting to see Sony’s latest advertising campaign, the English public are being instructed to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. These measures come after a second wave of COVID-19 hit the country.

Unlike the first national lockdown, however, many essential businesses are left open, alongside schools and universities. Because of this, at least some fans will get to see the tribute to one of gaming’s greats.

According to reports, the new PlayStation-themed rebranding will last all the way until December 16th. Assuming that lockdown does, in fact, end on December 2nd as initially stated, Londoners will be able to catch the promotion before it leaves.

Microsoft also used London as a major landmark of the Xbox Series X’s launch day advertising. Taking to the city’s rooftops, the company utilized 4K holograms to display an incredible Xbox advertisement.

Sadly, this wasn’t as visible as PlayStation’s latest effort, which still doesn’t quite make up for the fact that the PS5 is coming to the UK a week late. Hopefully, the newest PlayStation update fixes an issue where PS5 sleep mode appears to be bricking consoles.

If you do encounter any issues with your PS5 console tomorrow, be sure to take a look at our PS5 error codes guide.

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