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PlayStation Adding a Surprise Free PS Plus Game to May 2021

There’s a new free PS Plus game coming to May 2021, as PlayStation adds a little bonus for its subscribers.

Every month, Sony gives away a handful of games for free to its PS Plus subscribers. Right now, the company is giving away one PS5 title and two PS4 games each month.

Waiting to see what next month’s games will be is always exciting, and the June 2021 PS Plus free games have already leaked!

But before they become available, PlayStation has a new game to offer its subscribers. And new stats just showed off the insane number of PS Plus subscribers Sony has in 2021!

Free PS Plus Games
(Source: Sony)

Be sure to grab this exclusive freebie while you can, as it’ll be gone next month!

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Bonus Free PlayStation Plus Game in May 2021

Although we’ve known about May’s free titles for a month now, there’s a bonus free PS Plus game coming this week!

In case you forgot to claim them, PS Plus subscribers can get Wreckfest, Battlefield 5, and more for free in May 2021! And now, when you’re heading to the online store, you’ll find a new free game waiting for you.

When browsing the PS Store online or on your console, you’ll be able to claim Capcom Arcade Stadium: Ghosts ‘n Goblins. It’s a nice little freebie, and the notoriously difficult game is sure to keep players busy until the new PS Plus titles release.

ghosts n goblins ps plus may 2021
(Source: Capcom)

The side-scrolling platform game is a classic, first debuting in arcades in 1985. Since then, it’s become an iconic staple of Capcom’s library and a beloved retro game.

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Ghosts ‘n Goblins is only available for free until June 1, so act fast if you want to claim it!

If you’re still looking for a new console, there’s a huge new PS5 restock going live today! And if you’re reading this a little later, here are all the PS5 restocks we know about between May 24-30!

Right now, the PS5 is outselling the Xbox Series X in a big way. But despite this fact, scalpers are still snatching up thousands of PS5 consoles, and keeping stock levels down.

Thankfully, there’s a new PS5 redesign rumored for 2022 that should help with demand!

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