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PlayStation Studios Leaks Bluepoint Games Acquisition Early

Today is a big day for PlayStation acquisitions, as Bluepoint Games becomes the latest studio to join the expanding team.

Just minutes ago, we got the announcement that PlayStation Studios is acquiring Returnal developer Housemarque. This is incredibly exciting news, as it means that the future of PS5 gaming is looking even brighter.

However, due to a mistake in celebrating the new acquisition, PlayStation Japan is already leaking the next studio that’s being picked up. It may come as a surprise to many that Bluepoint Games weren’t already under the Sony umbrella, however, the company is now finally an official first-party studio.

Demon's Souls Developer Bluepoint Games Acquired PlayStation Studios
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

Or so it seems, judging by the leak which is clearly arriving ahead of schedule. What does this mean for Sony’s upcoming line-up of over 25 first-party PS5 titles?

Well, it probably means that gamers can expect even more announcements coming very soon.

Thankfully, there’s a new PlayStation Experience showcase leaking and its just around the corner:

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PlayStation Studios Acquires Bluepoint Games

According to a new leak, PlayStation Studios is acquiring Bluepoint Games.

Best known for its work on remasters like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and the PS5 exclusive Demon’s Souls remake, Bluepoint has always worked closely with Sony.

Bluepoint Games has put out incredible remakes and remasters over the years, such as Shadow of the Colossus, Gravity Rush, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. The team is known for delivering flawless and nostalgic titles with a fresh coat of paint.

Just look at this Demon’s Souls PS3 vs PS5 comparison to see the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the studio.

Shadow of the Colossus Bluepoint Games
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

We already know about a Last of Us remake coming to PS5, but it looks like there’ll soon be more remasters coming to PlayStation’s roster!

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Now, Bluepoint Games looks to be PlayStation’s newest first-party developer, after its acquisition leaked early. Over on the PlayStation Japan Twitter account, a post recently went up to congratulate Housemarque on its new acquisition.

Except, thanks to a mix-up between two images, Bluepoint Games’ partnership was accidentally revealed instead. The image has since been taken down, but we can see it in all its glory right here.

Expanding on its existing development teams is an excellent move by Sony. After all, PlayStation is already outperforming Xbox in a big way this generation – and securing the lead is never a bad idea.

Meanwhile, thousands of additional PS5 consoles are about to drop! And for those who aren’t a next-gen owner yet, here’s where to find all the PS5 restocks coming this week!

But Sony’s next big exclusive title already has fans excited! Just look at the differences between Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 vs PS5 and you’ll see why!

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