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PlayStation Studios Arrives on Steam, Lists 41 Games

The time we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived – PlayStation Studios is officially on Steam.

When it comes to PC gaming, the only real downside is that you miss out on console exclusives. However, over the last few years, Microsoft has been shifting course to allow PC users to get in on the fun.

Now, even PlayStation is beginning to let PC gamers experience the greatness that it has to offer. With titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone coming to Steam, gamers are finally getting to experience the incredible once-exclusives.

days gone steam release
(Source: Sony)

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Hopefully, this is just the beginning of PlayStation and Steam’s partnership. And, judging by the new PlayStation Studios page’s arrival, we’d imagine that’s likely to be the case.

After all, we know Sony is preparing a response to Xbox Game Pass. Perhaps this is the start of something big.

PlayStation Studios Steam Page Surfaces

There’s a new Steam page attracting a lot of attention online, as PlayStation Studios arrives on the platform.

Although games like Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank, and more are remaining PlayStation exclusive for the time being, it’s not unthinkable to imagine the titles coming to PC eventually. After all, we’d never have imagined that Horizon or Days Gone could surface on Steam a few years ago.

And now that PlayStation Studios is on Steam, some eagle-eyed fans are quick to point out that the publisher lists an incredible 41 games in its About section.

It’s unusual for Sony to give other stores the rights to its iconic franchises. After all, Sony is currently being sued over its expensive PlayStation Store prices.

What’s more, we also hear that the PS5 will have more exclusives than ever before! Perhaps that means that Sony will start by unloading some of its more popular PS4 titles onto the PC platform.

41 PlayStation Games on Steam?

As of right now, it’s unclear as to what 41 games this refers to. After all, the page only lists Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Helldivers Dive Harder Edition in its games.

PlayStation Studios Steam Page Screenshot
(Source: Valve)

It’s important to note, however, that Helldivers and Predator each have DLC items which may count towards this number. In fact, between those two titles alone, 18 DLC items appear.

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PlayStation Studios could well be including some other games in its listings, but it’s definitely unclear at the time of writing. And it’s certainly leading to a lot of speculation about what’s to come.

A lot of Sony fans are hoping for the new Last of Us PS5 remaster to come to PC. However, we also know that there are 25 new Sony first-party games on the way for PS5, and it’s possible that some of them may arrive on PC too.

Right now though, Sony’s main priority is its new console, and PS5 stock shortages could be over soon, as console production ramps up!

Starting from next week, this retailer is getting PS5 stock in stores for walk-ins, which can only be a good sign. What’s more, there are two beautiful new DualSense controller colors out there, teasing a Red or Black PS5 in the future.

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