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PlayStation Studios Acquires Nixxes Software – More PC Ports Incoming?

Sony has yet another new company under its belt, as PlayStation acquires Nixxes Software.

Lately, PlayStation Studios has been dishing out fistfuls of acquisitions at a time, and we’ve got one more announcement today. In an effort to bolster its growing team, it seems PlayStation is bringing yet another company under its umbrella.

Already, we know of 25 upcoming first-party PS5 games dropping on next-gen consoles. And now, the company appears to have more ongoing development than ever before.

Earlier this week, we saw the official reveal of PlayStation acquiring Returnal developer Housemarque. But in all the excitement, it seems that PlayStation Japan accidentally leaked a second major studio acquisition too!

nixxes software joins PlayStation Studios
(Source: Nixxes Software)

And with Nixxes Software joining the team, that’s 3 new studios in as many days. Could Sony be gearing up for some big reveals at the upcoming PlayStation Experience showcase?

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Nixxes Software Acquired By PlayStation Studios

Although Nixxes Software might not be a household name, its acquisition by PlayStation Studios is a big deal.

Nixxes Software isn’t a company that’s known for developing its own titles. Instead, the Dutch game developer focuses on providing assistance to games in development, particularly where ports are concerned.

In the past, Nixxes has worked on the Tomb Raider franchise, as well as Deus Ex, Hitman, and more. Most recently, the team was working on Marvel’s Avengers, and the majority of the company’s portfolio has been surrounding creating PC ports for the aforementioned titles.

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playstation studio acquires nixxes software studio

With that in mind, perhaps PlayStation Studios wants extra help bringing its titles to PC. We already know that Sony is making a big push for a Steam presence, and an experienced team could be just the help it needs.

After all, this major PS4 title is coming to PC very soon, but Sony is keeping things quiet for now.

“We’re looking forward to working with some of the most talented teams in the industry to deliver the highest-quality gameplay experiences for PlayStation fans,” the company writes in its official press report.

We also know that Ghost of Tsushima is getting a Director’s Cut on console imminently. If Sony could bring titles like this to PC, it’d give the company a direct line of competition with Microsoft.

Perhaps that’s the plan for the Japanese publisher, as we already heard about Sony working on a counterpunch to Xbox Game Pass.

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