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New PlayStation Statistics Show Rise in Female Gamers

There are more women than ever getting involved in PlayStation gaming, judging by new statistics.

It’s evident that gaming has become more diverse over the last few years. Although some would pretend otherwise, gaming is no longer a male-dominated space – both in terms of development and consumption.

And while it appears that most video game fans are still male for the time being, we’re getting ever closer than ever to 50% of all gamers being female. Recently, Sony revealed new statistics as part of its investor presentation that shows off just how close we’re getting to that 50/50 split.

What’s more, the company also reveals that PS5 gamers are playing longer and spending more than ever before. And this major PlayStation exclusive is coming to PC soon!

the last of us ellie
(Source: Naughty Dog)

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Increase in Female PlayStation Gamers Over Time

It’s interesting to see how the popularity of PlayStation gaming is rising in female users over time.

According to the new statistics, only 18% of PS1 consoles were owned by women. We’re not sure how Sony collected these statistics, but it’s clear that the numbers have been increasing over the years.

Now, in the PS4/PS5 era, female gamers make up 41% of PlayStation console owners. This means we’ve seen a huge increase in gaming interest since the first PlayStation released in 1994.

It’d be interesting to see similar stats for Xbox consoles, and PC gaming. Right now though, it’s clear that the PS5 is massively outselling Xbox devices.

It’s clear that Sony considers this to be important, as the company includes the stat as part of its ‘Favorable Demographics’ slide. The rise in women gamers is shown alongside the continued support of longtime PlayStation fans, and the ongoing expansion into Sony’s global opportunity markets.

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Sony shows off the new gender-based stats alongside an image of PlayStation’s most iconic female characters. And PlayStation is showing off the latest game to feature a female lead in tonight’s first look at Horizon Forbidden West gameplay!

Meanwhile, Ellie’s story in The Last of Us Part 2 looks better than ever with its PS5 upgrade. It’s likely that the increase in female-driven stories helps attract women to gaming, while also allowing for more diversity in storytelling.

ps5 female gamers rising over time
(Source: Sony)

That’s not to say that female gamers don’t enjoy titles with male leads, however. We’re sure that gamers of all genders will enjoy GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced when it releases this year.

Also from the investor presentation comes the news that God of War: Ragnarok may be a PS5 exclusive! The adventures of Kratos will soon continue, but possibly not on PS4.

Meanwhile, more of PlayStation’s biggest projects are coming to mobile devices. And, judging by this incredible new PlayStation Plus subscriber count, Sony’s gaming industry is growing in all directions.

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