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PlayStation State of Play Coming August 12? God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, PSVR 2 & More

Is a new PlayStation State of Play coming on August 12? One analyst believes so, and there’s plenty allegedly on the agenda!

Right now, the internet is whipping itself into a frenzy, trying to get to the bottom of exactly when the PlayStation Summer event is taking place. After an incredible E3 2021, Sony fans are ready to see more from their favorite publisher.

But it seems that PlayStation still needs some time to get its next showcase together. Although we’ve seen both Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding get new Director’s Cut versions, there’s still more to come.

Recently, Sony has been busy acquiring new studios. And one more PlayStation Studios acquisition is already leaking early!

playstation state of play
(Source: PlayStation)

Finally, earlier today we saw a new leak for an upcoming PlayStation Experience showcase with Gran Turismo 7’s beta. And now we’re finally getting to hear more about the next PlayStation event.

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New PlayStation Event – August 12

According to one business analyst, the next PlayStation event is taking place on August 12, 2021.

Roberto Serrano is an analyst known for his predictions in the entertainment industry. Notably, Serrano was able to accurately predict this month’s Deathloop State of Play by PlayStation.

And already, the analyst has an idea about Sony’s next presentation which he claims will drop in August. On August 12, Serrano is stating that we’ll be getting a new PlayStation event but one that will NOT be the leaked PlayStation Experience.

Instead, the PlayStation Experience we’ve all been waiting for will take place between December 2021 – March 2022, Serrano believes. However, the August 12 PlayStation event is more likely to be a State of Play, focussing on God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, PSVR 2, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West
(Source: Guerrilla Games)

“Good and Bad News from PlayStation,” Serrano writes. “A new event is coming next month (just wait to discover the date) with exciting news but it’s not the PlayStation Experience now in the briefing phase: Sony is looking to organize it for later this year (December) or early next year (by March)”

New reports indicate that it’s possible that Horizon Forbidden West will not release in 2021, despite it being one of Sony’s biggest upcoming titles. We already got a big God of War Ragnarok delay, so we’d certainly hope this isn’t the case.

And when it comes to the next generation of PSVR, we’re not too in the dark. In fact, insiders are already revealing the PSVR 2 release date before August’s supposed announcements.

Check out everything we know about PlayStation’s next-gen VR here, including 4K, eye-tracking, and more!

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