PlayStation Stars is finally live in North and South America, but some users are finding that there’s a 2 month waitlist before they can get access.

If you’re a die-hard Sony fan, or even if you make the odd purchase on the PlayStation Store, you’ll want to be part of PlayStation Stars.

The new loyalty program is finally live across America, and it allows users to earn exclusive collectible rewards, and even get their hands on new games for free.

Here’s how to sign up for PlayStation Stars and everything you need to know!

PlayStation Stars

Why Am I On a Waitlist for PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation is putting some Stars memberships on a waitlist at random, in order to add new members on a rolling basis and ensure all users have an optimized experience with the loyalty program.

In this way, Sony hopes to gather feedback and quickly improve the PlayStation Stars experience before bringing it to all its players.

How Long is the PlayStation Stars Waitlist?

According to the official PlayStation Stars FAQs, players on the waitlist could be waiting for “up to two months”. However, you may not be kept waiting for the whole two-month period.

How to Get a Notification When Your PlayStation Stars Membership Is Live

PlayStation will send players an email when their Stars access becomes available. You can make sure you’re eligible to receive this Stars membership notification by:

  • Booting up the PlayStation app
  • Selecting the gear icon in the top right to open settings
  • Scrolling down to PlayStation Network – Account Information
How to Get PlayStation Stars Waitlist Notification
  • Selecting the three lines in the top left to open the menu
  • Scrolling down to Notifications
  • Make sure Receive via Email is checked

What’s particularly frustrating is that users that have to wait a full two months will be missing out on rewards for the time being. For example, they’ll potentially miss their chance to get this free Sony Chord Machine collectible which expires in mid-November.

What’s more, since PlayStation Stars doesn’t take past progress into account, you won’t get credit for all your purchases and Trophies obtained before your membership goes live.

If you’re looking to buy a new game via the PlayStation Store, you might want to hold off for now to prevent missing out on the loyalty points.

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