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PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Announced by Sony

Sony has just revealed that a new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars will be launching soon.

PlayStation has been one of the biggest names in gaming for well over 25 years now, so it’s no surprise that there are millions upon millions of PlayStation fans around the world.

And as a thank you to all these fans for their continued support, Sony has just announced that a new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars will be coming soon. This will give gamers the chance to earn free rewards for participating in a number of activities on their console.

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What is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that will be free to join when it launches. It will let PlayStation fans earn rewards and loyalty points by completing “a variety of campaigns and activities”.

While we don’t know what all of the activities entail yet, Sony has given some examples of what they might include.

Firstly, there’s a Monthly Check-In campaign that will be simple for any PlayStation fan to finish every month. All you need to do to get a reward is play any game during the month!

Meanwhile, other PlayStation Stars campaigns could be to do with winning tournaments or earning specific trophies. Plus, it seems to be adding elements for more hardcore gamers too like being the first person in your time zone to earn a Platinum trophy for a new release!

As the God of War Ragnarok release date has just been revealed, we expect that it could be one of the first games with PlayStation Stars challenges!

Platinum Trophy

Rewards & Loyalty Points

Players can spend the loyalty points they earn in a catalog. This catalog will include PSN wallet funds and even some specific products from the PlayStation Store.

As an extra bonus, PS Plus members will earn PlayStation Stars loyalty points with every purchase they make in the PS Store.

This is just the latest reason to sign up for the service after Sony revealed all of the great PS Plus titles coming in July!

Additionally, PlayStation Stars members will be able to earn digital collectibles. These are “digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy” that players can build up a growing collection of.

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PlayStation Stars Release Date

At the moment, no date has been given for the release of PlayStation Stars. However, Sony has stated that the loyalty program will launch at some point later this year.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information about PlayStation Stars. Sony will almost certainly reveal more information about this loyalty program soon!

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