Sony’s new PlayStation Stars loyalty program is finally live in the US and other regions around the globe. Here’s everything you need to know about the new PlayStation membership:

What Is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program for Sony fans, that aims to celebrate player achievements and give out fun and exciting rewards.

Stars members will be granted the ability to take part in ongoing campaigns, and earn various rewards for their efforts.

How to Join PlayStation Stars

To join the PlayStation Stars program, simply download the PlayStation app, sign into your PSN account, and select the new PlayStation Stars option that appears in your Player Profile at the top of the screen.

If you need to download the app, we’ve provided the links for you below:

Alternatively, you can join using the PlayStation website here, but it’s more convenient to use the app as that is where you’ll be able to see your campaigns and claim rewards.

Unfortunately, even when you sign up, PlayStation is ‘randomly’ putting some users on a 2 month waitlist!

Right now, the loyalty program is only available in Asia and North & South America, however it will be arriving in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on October 13.

Is PlayStation Stars Free?

Yes, PlayStation Stars is free to join, though players will need an adult account for PlayStation Network.

However, Stars members will also see various benefits for being a paid PlayStation Plus subscriber such as earning Loyalty Points for every purchase on the PlayStation Store and getting access to exclusive rewards.

PlayStation Stars Green

All PlayStation Stars Rewards & How to Unlock Them

Loyalty Points

PlayStation Stars members will receive loyalty points for every eligible purchase made on the PlayStation Store. They will also receive points when completing a points-earning campaign when one is available.

These points can be exchanged for PSN wallet funds, saving you money on future purchases. They will also be used to purchase exclusive collectibles for the PlayStation App display case, and more.

How to Get Free PS4/PS5 Games With PlayStation Stars Points

PlayStation Stars members can spend their hard-earned Loyalty Points on a selection of PS4 and PS5 games, or exchange them for store credit directly.

1,250 Loyalty Points can be exchanged for $5 of PlayStation Store credit, while 5,000 points can net you $20.

The points can also be exchanged for the following games directly in the PlayStation app:

  • Cult of the Lamb – 6,250 Points
  • Hades – 6,250 Points
  • It Takes Two – 10,000 Points
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 15,000 Points
  • The Quarry – 17,500 Points

Seeing as campaigns currently include getting gamers to buy a select new release and rewarding them with 50 points for the privilege, it’s fair to say that Loyalty Points are not worth much.

PlayStation Stars How to Get Rewards

Digital Collectibles

PlayStation Stars members can also unlock Digital Collectibles to put in their virtual reward cabinets in the PlayStation App. These can then be showcased to your friends for exclusive bragging rights.

These rewards are not available to trade or sell, and Sony confirms that they’re “definitely not NFTs”.

Some collectibles will be given out as campaign rewards, while others can be purchased using Loyalty Points from the PlayStation app.

RewardHow to Unlock
Star Gazer TelescopeJoin PlayStation Stars
Punto the Gondolier (Ape Escape 2)200 Loyalty Points
Pink Money Diorama200 Loyalty Points
Sony Chord MachineComplete Hit Play/1994 Campaign
PocketStationCurrently Unknown – Possible Level Up Bonus
Toro and KuroCurrently Unknown – Possible Level Up Bonus
PlayStation Tech Demo Tyrannosaurus RexPlay Any Game
Novelty Toy Fight TrophyPick a fight in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 11, or TEKKEN 7
Bots Don’t Breathe DioramaGet Invited to Diamond Tier (Leak)
PlayStation Stars Ape Escape Collectible

How to Check Your PlayStation Stars Points

  • First, download the PlayStation app on iOS or Android devices.
  • Open the app, and sign into your PlayStation account.
  • Once done, click your account name or avatar to access your Player Profile.
  • Select PlayStation Stars.
  • Then hit Rewards Catalog where your total points and eligible rewards will be available to see.

How to Arrange Collectibles in Your Display Case

  • Head into your PlayStation app.
  • Open Player Profile.
  • Select PlayStation Stars
  • Above where the options are for Campaigns, Rewards, and Collectibles, you can select your display case.
  • Here, you can choose your display case background, and arrange your unlocked Collectibles.

How to Unlock All PlayStation Stars Tiers

Members that are actively taking part in the PlayStation Stars system can level up their accounts from 1-4. However, players will only stay at their status level for the remainder of the calendar year, plus an additional 13 months.

Here are all the benefits available to Stars members and how to unlock each tier:

Level 1

  • How to Unlock: Join PlayStation Stars & start playing and completing campaigns.
  • Rewards: Unlock access to digital collectibles & receive Star Gazer Telescope.

Level 2

  • How to Unlock: Buy one full game from the PlayStation Store and earn one uncommon Trophy.
  • Rewards: Receive a Level 2 celebration collectible and access to all collectibles from Level 1.

Level 3

  • How to Unlock: Buy two full games from PlayStation Store, earn 32 uncommon Trophies.
  • Rewards: Receive a Level 3 celebration collectible and a birthday collectible.

Level 4

  • How to Unlock: Buy four full games from PlayStation Store, earn 128 uncommon Trophies.
  • Rewards: Receive a Level 4 celebration collectible, retain all collectibles from prior levels, and get chat priority routing.

What Is PlayStation Stars Chat Priority Routing?

At Level 4, PlayStation Stars members will get a reward called ‘chat priority routing’, allowing them to connect with customer service representatives at Sony ahead of regular customers.

So far, allowing users to effectively pay for faster customer service has proven to be a controversial decision.

PlayStation Stars Diamond Tier Explained

Although not officially announced by Sony, dataminers have been able to discover a secret Level 5 tier known as ‘Diamond’ in PlayStation Stars.

According to the datamined information taken from the PlayStation Mobile app, the Diamond tier is invite-only, and rewards players with Level 5 collectible ‘Bots Don’t Breathe’. The description reads:

In an endless sea of stars, it seems like there’s nowhere to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you let challenges like that stop you. Welcome to Level 5.

We’ll update this article if anything officially gets revealed for PlayStation Stars Diamond Tier, but right now it seems to be either top secret, or entirely unavailable.


What Is a PlayStation Stars Campaign?

A PlayStation Stars campaign is a set of objectives that players can complete to earn rewards, such as digital collectibles or loyalty points. These campaigns will rotate often, and some may be exclusive to certain users based on their owned games or regions.

Some campaigns may also only be available to PS Plus members, who will also occasionally obtain exclusive rewards through completing the missions.

Where to Find PlayStation Stars Campaigns

To find a list of your currently available campaigns:

  • Open the PlayStation App.
  • Head to Player Profile.
  • Select PlayStation Stars.
  • There, all of the available campaigns will be waiting to be completed. If none are currently showing, come back at a later date, as they should refresh regularly.

Does PlayStation Stars Work Retroactively?

No, PlayStation Stars will not give players points or grant players access to higher levels based on their previous Trophy unlocks. Once you sign up for the loyalty program, only then will you be able to progress through the ranks and earn rewards.

Is PlayStation Stars Available in the US?

Yes, as of October 5, PlayStation Stars is available in the US, as well as all of North and South America.

When Is PlayStation Stars Coming to the UK?

PlayStation Stars is available in the UK, as well as all of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as of October 13.

To celebrate the launch in these locations, a 1-day campaign called This Day is Bananas was added. To complete this, all you have to do is play any game, but you only have 24 hours to do so before it expires.

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