Sony’s PlayStation Showcase events always have plenty of exciting reveals – and the next one could be taking place in May 2024!

PlayStation developer Sony always saves its biggest reveals for online events, whether that is a PlayStation Showcase or a State of Play. However, there is usually very little time between the announcement of the event and the event itself.

Despite this, a very reliable source claims that Sony has a PlayStation Showcase planned for May!

The Next PlayStation Showcase Could Be in May 2024

Games industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed in a recent Giant Bomb podcast episode that Sony will be holding either a PlayStation State of Play or PlayStation Showcase event in May.

He later revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that he believes a Showcase is the more likely of the two events.

Of course, Sony has not confirmed whether it will be holding a PlayStation event in May yet, but Jeff Grubb is a very reliable source. This, combined with Sony usually scheduling a PlayStation event in May, makes it seem very likely.

While there could be big announcements at either a State of Play or a Showcase, typically, the most exciting reveals are saved for the larger PlayStation Showcase events.

This has got fans wondering whether the heavily rumored PS5 Pro could make an appearance.

PlayStation Logo Glowing

Could This PlayStation Showcase Feature the PS5 Pro?

There is a slight chance that the PS5 Pro could be revealed at the rumored May 2024 PlayStation Showcase. However, it is not likely.

Leaks suggest that the PS5 Pro will release at the end of 2024, so Sony will have to reveal it at some point before then. However, May might be slightly too early.

For comparison, Sony revealed the PS4 Pro in September 2016, two months before its November release date. Therefore, we expect Sony to follow a similar schedule for the PS5 Pro reveal and release.

This makes a late Summer or early Fall reveal more likely for the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro Logo

Until we see the official announcement from Sony, we will have to be patient to find out more about Sony’s mid-generation refresh. However, leaks could have already revealed the PS5 Pro’s impressive specs!

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