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PlayStation Showcase May 2023 Event Predictions

Will PlayStation have some surprises for us in their showcase?

The PlayStation May 2023 Showcase is looking to give us some insight into the future of the PS5 and PSVR2, so here are some predictions we have for the upcoming show.

Plenty of rumors are circulating about what we may see, and with a few titles slated for the late 2023 release, it’s not far-fetched to assume we’ll receive more info during the show.

But since this showcase is leading into the summer, it would make sense that PlayStation has a few surprises in store for us.

Here are our predictions for the titles we’ll see during the PlayStation’S May 2023 Showcase event:

FF XVI Demo Gameplay

Square Enix already confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 would receive a demo before the official release in June, so seeing it live and a release date announced during the showcase would help increase interest.

Ensure you know where to watch the showcase so you don’t miss the trailer if it does drop!

With the game releasing soon, we could even see a same-day release shadow drop for the demo so that players can jump into the world of FF16 following the end of the showcase.

Square Enix also confirmed that demo progression will carry over to the game’s full release.

Players will also likely receive some reward for completing the demo that they can use in FF 16 in-game when the full game releases.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

Konami has already announced a Silent Hill 2 remake, so hoping to see a Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake isn’t too far off.

This is one of the biggest rumors going into the PlayStation 2023 Showcase. Recent leaks have also stated that the remake is in development, but not many details besides that.

A recent report by Insider Gaming claimed that the announcement for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will likely happen during the showcase as a small teaser.

MGS3 Remake

Stellar Blade

The team at SHIFT UP Corporation has kept relatively quiet regarding their upcoming title Stellar Blade. Originally it was titled Project Eve, but after their most recent trailer, the team revealed the new name and story direction.

The May 2023 Showcase is the perfect place for the team to build up more hype with Stellar Blade and announce a release date alongside a new trailer.

Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has kept relatively quiet about Spider-Man 2 for most of the year despite its Fall 2023 release date inching closer.

This showcase is the perfect place for them to show a trailer highlighting some of the new gameplay additions and release date additions.

But because this is one of PlayStation’s main titles, we may need to wait for a full Spider-Man 2 Showcase sometime in the near future.

Despite that, it’d be strange not to see at least a short trailer of this or even Insomniac’s other title, Marvel’s Wolverine.

The Last of Us Factions Multiplayer Reveal

Naughty Dog has worked on the multiplayer aspect of The Last of Us for quite some time, and it seems right to showcase some of the gameplay finally.

The original Factions mode was very well received, and The Last of Us was originally supposed to expand on it.

But Naughty Dog noticed that the project that grown ambitious and decided to release it as a standalone multiplayer game.

Since then, they’ve kept relatively quiet regarding its development. In an interview, Neil Druckmann stated that they’d reveal more details about this title sometime this year.

Last of US 2 Factions

Twisted Metal

This is a bit more far-fetched since there is no real indication that there is a Twisted Metal game in the works.

Some leaks state a Twisted Metal game is in development, but no images or concept art exist. Sony has shown an interest in entering the multiplier game genre, and a Twisted Metal game would suit that pretty well.

Sony also has a Twisted Metal show set to premiere in July 2023. If the show proves to be successful, then having a Twisted Metal game set to release sometime next year would be a smart play.

Twisted Metal PlayStation Showcase

Sucker Punch’s Next Project

A few years have passed since Sucker Punch’s last game, Ghost of Tsushima, and the developer has yet to reveal their next project.

Many people believe that it is a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, but knowing Sucker Punch, we can never rule out the possibility of an entirely new IP.

Some fans have anxiously waited for them to announce a new project in the InFamous world, but that seems unlikely as they have confirmed there are no plans to revisit the franchise in an interview with Gameinformer.

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