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PlayStation Reveals Their New Controller… A Banana?

A new controller patent has been discovered in the PlayStation vaults, and... it's a little unorthodox.

Something about video game controllers is interesting in itself. Since we've nailed covering a slab of plastic with buttons for in-game inputs, developers have begun to work on new innovations and ultimate player comfort.

Whether it be minor additions like the Xbox Series controller's share button or the DualSense's incredible adaptive triggers, technology is always adapting to allow for new ways to play our favorite games.

PlayStation's Banana Controller Patent
PlayStation DualSense

But, fascination with strange peripherals has spiked. The JoyCon has changed the way that players understand how controllers work, and change is always coming.

Plus, some genius speedrunners have been playing games with insane peripherals for years now. Using strange items to control your game is inherently funny and intriguing.

But, a peculiar new control system may well be coming soon, suggests an official patent. And it's absolutely brilliant.

Sony's New PlayStation Controller: A Banana?

Technically, the new Playstation controller is a banana. But not quite. Okay, let us explain.

According to a new Sony patent, the company has been working on a way to turn your own household items into controllers. For a new application for PSVR 2, the system would track your own items and their changes through pixels and contours to control in-game actions.

So, the technical application of this patent is to turn anything into a controller. The patent itself details that "it would be desirable if a user could use an inexpensive, simple and non-electronic device as a video game peripheral".

The document uses illustrations of a banana to detail exactly how this would work.

PlayStation's Banana Controller Patent
PlayStation's Banana Controller Patent

Not only that, but there's also mention of a "Two Object Controller". So basically, you could be able to dual-wield banana controllers.

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The patent also mentions the possibility of holding two oranges and using them like a steering wheel, or for tank controls.

The patent is totally mental and suggests that the innovation of video game peripherals has only just begun.

PlayStation's Banana Controller Patent
PlayStation's PSVR 2

It's a fascinating plan on PlayStation's part, and if it comes to life, it could push the company even further ahead in the controller game.

Who knows, maybe this new technology could come to PSVR very soon. It's not the only controller system revealed recently; another PSVR 2 controller was leaked by a patent last week. But to be fair, the initial announcement and the reveal of PSVR 2's new features were exciting enough.

But, to give the new VR systems a try, we'll need to get our hands on the console itself first. Stock problems are still rife; but luckily, a 15,000 PS5 stock drop is coming this week.

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