Despite its completely sold-out status, an avid PlayStation fan has shared some nifty tricks to get a PlayStation Portal at some Target locations.

Mind you, this Target trick will not work at every location. Most likely, it will be less fruitful in more densely populated areas. However, it is worth the shot!

Tips to Get a PS Portal In-Store from Target

To get a PlayStation Portal in-store, you need to visit stores that have “Limited stock” on the website. Once at the store, speak with any store employee who can help and ask them if they can check for stock in their warehouse.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can achieve this:

  1. The first key step is finding a store showing “Limited stock” on Target’s PlayStation Portal product page.
    • This message appears in orange letters below the pricing, pickup options, and store name. We are adding an image below for reference.
    • Note: Even if the message states it is not eligible for pickup, you can still call your store to verify.
    • Pro-Tip: If your store does not have limited stock, click “Check other stores” and see if any other store in the area has some units available. Take into account that this store list only shows stores within a 50-mile radius. If you want to check stores further away, you can do so by clicking “Edit your location” at the very top of the list.
PlayStation Portal Target Limited Stock
  1. As soon as you find one Target store with limited PlayStation Portal stock, head there and talk with an employee who can help you. Usually, limited stock might not be on display or available for online purchase, as it is at the store’s warehouse.
    • Explain the situation to the Target representative and show them that the site offers limited stock for the item. Kindly ask if they could check on the warehouse for you.
    • Be kind and patient, as this could also be a discrepancy on the site, not a guarantee there is stock at that location’s warehouse.
  2. If an actual unit is at the location, complete the purchase immediately.
Got lucky tonight at Target!
byu/YDOULIE inPlaystationPortal
  1. One last tip to get the most out of this trick is to call Target instead if you can’t immediately go to the location.
    • You can find the store’s phone number by clicking on “Check other stores” and then on “Store info.”
    • As with the previous tip, call explaining the situation and see if the employee you are speaking with can help you secure the item.
    • Be patient, as it could be somewhat more complicated that staff assigned to the phone lines is readily available to check on warehouse stock. Whenever possible, an in-person visit is a much better approach.
Target Store Phone Number

Some gamers have already reported early morning restocks at Target, and the method above is the easiest way to access this fresh PlayStation Portal inventory!

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