After weeks of being out of stock, some lucky gamers are already reporting Target doing surprise PlayStation Portal early morning restocks.

We can confirm this is not a drill. It is the real deal, gamers! Many lucky PlayStation fans have started sharing their successful purchases on social media.

Here, we’ll tell you every detail you need to know about these early morning drops and how to secure your PS Portal.

How to Participate in Early Morning Restocks

To participate in Target’s early morning PlayStation Portal restocks, you should check availability online at stores around you between 7 AM and 8 AM, then call for store pickup to secure your purchase.

  1. Check online availability between 7 AM and 8 AM by going to Target’s PlayStation Portal product page.
    • You may see the item in stock or a message in orange letters that reads “Limited Stock.” If you see any of these messages, skip to step 3.
    • Note: Even if the message states it is not eligible for pickup, you can still call your store to verify.
PlayStation Portal Target Limited Stock
  1. If you do not see the Limited Stock message on the item, click on ‘check other stores’ to check different stores around your area.
    • On the right navigation bar that pops up, you should see the same “In Stock” or “Limited Stock” message on the Target locations that have restocked PlayStation Portal units that morning.
Check Other Stores Target
  1. Once you have found a store that has Limited Stock, you will need to get their phone number and call the store so they can save the item for pickup.
    • You can get the store’s phone number by clicking on “Check other stores” and then clicking on “Store info.”
    • Even though the site states the item is not eligible, staff can help you with this if the item is indeed available.
Target Store Info Phone Number Information
  1. Once you have secured your PS Portal with staff on the phone, go to the location to complete the purchase.

These Target in-store PlayStation Portal restocks have been documented by several Redditors, confirming the method works. However, most have reported no more than a couple of units per store, so you must be quick!

Early morning Target drop!!
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