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The PlayStation Portal is the hottest new device on the market and those still on the hunt may want to pay attention to their local Target restocking.

If you’re still looking to get your hands on the PlayStation Portal, you’re not the only one. After limited supply and a horde of hungry scalpers prevented a lot of gamers from securing the handheld before Christmas, more stock is on the way.

Unfortunately, the supply of PS Portal Remote Players is rather sporadic. Here’s how to find one when the device restocks at Target in 2024.

Target Restocks Appearing in Select Stores

We’ve noticed that multiple PlayStation Portal have been appearing on the Target website over the last couple of days, as select stores receive limited stock.

PlayStation Portal Restocking at Target

In most cases, it’s likely just one or two units in specific stores, so we’ve got a few tips to help you get to the next restock before anyone else:

1. Sign up for restock notifications at RestockTracker.io

Simply click ‘Subscribe to Instant Stock Alerts’ and you’ll get notified, free of charge, whenever the PlayStation Portal comes back in stock at any major retailer.

PS Portal Restock Tracker

Most restocks at Target tend to happen in the early hours of the morning, so make sure you’re ready for the notification to come in!

Being early to a restock is essential, especially as the supply is so limited and it appears to sell out incredibly quickly.

2. Head to Target’s PlayStation Portal product page and find the store displaying ‘Limited Stock’

Once you are notified that Target has PlayStation Portal stock, head to the retailer’s website.

Select ‘Pickup’ and you’ll be able to see stock levels at your local store. If it’s reporting Out of Stock then simply click ‘Check Other Stores.’

Target Check Other Stores PS Portal

Here you can choose to edit your location, allowing you to see stock levels for any Target in the US if you wish. Find the one that’s reporting Limited Stock.

3. Go in-store to the Target that has stock

Even if the website reports that the Limited Stock is not eligible for pickup at this store, it’s worth heading to the retailer in person.

Once there, talk to an employee and ask them politely if they can check whether the device is in stock. Always be kind and patient with employees who are assisting you, as it’s not their fault if there’s an error on the website.

PlayStation Portal Target Limited Stock

Alternatively, you can call the store in question if it’s a little too far to travel to. However, the staff member who receives your call may be unable to check the warehouse stock quite as easily, so an in-person visit is advised.

We’ve seen several PlayStation fans get lucky after making the trip to their local store, so it pays to have a store nearby!

Finally, check out all our tips for finding a PlayStation Portal at all major retailers here. Follow these tips and tricks and we’re certain you’ll secure your new handheld before long!

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