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If you’re still in the market for a PlayStation Portal, don’t miss its December restock at PS Direct. This could be your last chance at the device before Christmas!

It’s fair to say that the PlayStation Portal surprised us all with its popularity – and even Sony didn’t seem to expect this level of interest.

For a cloud streaming-only device that can’t run games independently without a PS5, the Portal has proven to be in higher demand than anticipated. However, for those still on the hunt, another restock opportunity is arriving soon.

Confirmed December Restock This Week

The next PlayStation Portal restock will take place in ‘early December‘ according to the official PS Direct page in the US. Based on this wording, the restock should take place this week.

PS Direct Restock for the PlayStation Portal

Although we don’t have an exact date confirmed officially by Sony, we advise paying close attention to the site in the upcoming days:

After all, the UK version of PS Direct had a restock recently that was sold out in a matter of minutes. However, that restock was at least confirmed with an exact date to expect stock on.

It’s possible that we’ll get a date confirmation in advance of the ‘early December’ stock drop, especially now that we are inching closer to mid-December territory.

We recommend using this PlayStation Portal restock tracker to get notified the moment the new device goes live:

  1. First, head to Restocktracker.io
  2. Select your region at the top, then choose PlayStation Portal
PS Portal Restock Tracker
  1. Log In or click Join Now to sign up with your email
  2. Then click Subscribe to Instant Stock Alerts
  3. You can then check the boxes above the Unsubscribe button to select whether you’d like notifications via email or in your browser

As soon as we get more information regarding the upcoming PlayStation Portal restock, we’ll let you know!

But for instant notifications, be sure to set up your stock tracker.

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