Some determined gamers have been reporting successful in-store purchases of PlayStation Portal units at their local GameStop locations.

These avid PlayStation fans have shared the experience, and we are here to give you all the tips and tricks to replicate this on your own!

If you want a PlayStation Portal from GameStop, say no more, we’ve got you covered!

How to Get a PlayStation Portal In-Store

To get a PlayStation Portal in-store at GameStop, you need to call the location in advance and verify with the staff if any units are available. If confirmed, go to the store as fast as possible to complete your purchase.

Even if GameStop’s PS Portal product page states it is out of stock, it is recommended that you still check with your store with a quick phone call. Some gamers have already reported success doing so.

After seeing sold out screen to sold out screen I decided to hit the pavement.
byu/IKARUSwalks inPlaystationPortal

Tips & Tricks for In-Store Purchases

Here are some tips that can help you find one store with stock around your area:

  1. Have a Pro membership or someone with a membership that can help. Gamers have reported that this item could require the membership due to its high demand.
  2. Check online for stock at GameStop’s PlayStation Portal product page. If it is available online, complete the purchase immediately.
PlayStation Portal GameStop Product Page
  1. Call stores that are not as close to densely populated areas but still close enough for you to drive there or use public transportation.
  2. Use the store locator and make use of the “Radius” filter option to have a better outlook of what are the closest stores to you.
    • Start by the closest stores, and increase the radius as you continue searching.
GameStop Store Locator Radius Filter
  1. The fastest way to check phone numbers for stores is to enter the zip code you want to scan and scroll down to see the list of available stores in that area.
GameStop Store Locator Phone Numbers
  1. Be kind to the staff while on the call! Courtesy goes a long way. Ask them if they might have some stock not listed on the website.
    • If there are none, it is still a good idea to ask them if they have information about future shipments so you are aware of when you can check again for restocks in your area.
  2. If there are available units, ask them if they can keep it for you while you drive to the location. Depending on the store, they might or might not be able to do this.
    • Asking doesn’t hurt, and with an item in such high demand, a few minutes could make the difference.
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