After waiting a month, the anticipated mid-January PlayStation Portal restock at PS Direct has eneded! As usual, it was limited to one unit per customer, and stock depleted in just a few minutes.

PS Direct PlayStation Portal Drop is Live

The PlayStation Portal mid-January PS Direct restock has now ended with tremendous success. This drop started at 3 PM ET and happened earlier than anticipated (January 15 as a proposed date).

There is no more stock available. The restock ended with many successful purchases confirmed. We will update once a new window for the next drop is confirmed.
PlayStation Portal PS Direct Restock January

We will provide any information Sony releases about the upcoming drop.

Sony has officially announced the time window for the next PS Direct PlayStation Portal restock in the past two restocks. Usually, this time frame is mid-month, with December 15, November 15, and now January 11 as previous dates.

Considering this, we will most likely get another drop by February 10 – February 15. Of course, this could change if the retailer starts having more stock available or if demand drops. However, both of these scenarios are unlikely.

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