After two successful mid-January restocks, PS Direct has announced its next drop of PlayStation Portal units. As usual, this announcement was published directly on the product page after the last drop ended.

The next PlayStation Portal restock from Sony’s PS Direct has been confirmed to be in early February. This official confirmation comes directly from the site’s product page.

Considering previous restock patterns of mid-month restocks starting as early as January 11th, we expect this restock to occur between February 1 and February 10, 2024, at around 1 PM to 3 PM ET.

November 15, 2023NA
December 15, 20232 PM ET
January 11, 20243 PM ET
January 18, 20242 PM ET
Previous PlayStation Portal restocks at PS Direct
PlayStation Portal PS Direct Early February Restock Announced

It is also worth noting that if PS Direct leaves the scheduled date for the next restock as is in the PlayStation Portal’s product page, it most likely means a second drops is expected in that month.

We saw this happening in January, with the mid-Januarry announcement remaining on the site, and then a second drop happening a few days later.

One of the last restocks resulted in a considerable amount of successful purchases. However, the checkout system did stop allowing gamers to add units very soon, avoiding possible overcrowding.

In essence, this was a first come, first served restock. This is great for those who could snatch a unit soon, as checkout errors or site crashes are less frequent.

Considering everything mentioned above, the best advice we can give if you want to participate in these restocks is to be ready and logged in on a PC. Once the restock starts, it will close the “Add to Cart” option in minutes.

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