The PlayStation Portal has been in high demand, with gamers struggling to find the handheld device in stock; however, some fans have been able to use this Best Buy chat trick to get one!

Before we dive into what these people are doing to secure a PlayStation Portal, it is worth noting that it may not work for everyone.

So, without any more delay, let’s get into the Best Buy Chat trick and how you could potentially use it to get a PlayStation Portal!

How to Do Best Buy Chat Trick

To do the Best Buy chat trick for the PlayStation Portal, you must:

  • Head to the Best Buy Contact Us page
  • Select “Orders & Purchases”
  • Then click on “Chat Now”
  • Once you are in the chat, tell the agent you would like to make a purchase and provide the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • The SKU for the PlayStation Portal is 6562576
Best Buy Chat option to get PlayStation Portal

It is worth noting that not everyone will be able to get one using this trick as it may depend on which agent you get in the chat.

We also recommend attempting this trick right after there is a small restock. Best Buy tends to do lots of small regional drops.

This way, you will know when Best Buy has added more to its stock, and you can use this chat trick to try get your hands on one!

If you’re waiting for a large restock then don’t worry as the PlayStation Portal should be restocking at PS Direct this week.

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