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Sony Reveals February 2021 Games For PlayStation Plus

PlayStation has unveiled the latest games coming to the PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold have been great services for gamers on either side of the console wars. Any free games are welcome, but it definitely helps when they're exciting AAA titles too.

PlayStation Plus is Sony's subscription service that allows players to engage in online play. In order to sweeten the deal though, Sony has been giving out free games every month to keep players engaged.

This was introduced to bring Sony up to par with Xbox's Games With Gold, which offers a similar batch of free games. It works in tandem with Xbox Game Pass, which recently reported its insane subscriber count.

Playstation 5
Playstation 5

Plus has offered many players the first games of their next-gen experience, beginning with the quirky Bugsnax, followed by third-person shark-em-up Maneater last month.

But, the latest batch of games have been revealed, and they're bound to excite players on either the PS5 or PS4.

February 2021 PlayStation Plus Games

Destruction AllStars, PS5

The Plus service is kicking off their new batch of games with a next-gen PlayStation exclusive.

Destruction AllStars is a rampant, hectic multiplayer game with a focus on true vehicular destruction. Choose one of 16 competitors and jump into the arena, destroying as many enemy vehicles as you can.

Destruction AllStars Playstation Plus
Destruction AllStars

The game features four game modes and great player customization. Pick out your favorite character and kit them out with exciting abilities and a slick ride, and decimate your enemies in the arena.

The game also supports the PlayStation 5's Game Help feature, so you can get enough hints to smash your way to the top.

Destruction AllStars also appeared in the latest State of Play, so it's an exciting time to be smashing cars together.

Destruction AllStars is avaliable on PlayStation Plus until April 5th.

Control: Ultimate Edition, PS5 & PS4

The freaky, avant-garde third-person shooter arrives on PlayStation Plus in February.

Navigate the labyrinthian hallways of the Federal Bureau of Control as Director Jesse Faden. Gradually learn to control (see what we did there?) your mysterious, supernatural abilities as you navigate the risky FBC.

Control Ultimate Edition Playstation Plus
Control: Ultimate Edition

Learn more about your missing brother's disappearance as you take down the dreaded Hiss, and bring the FBC back to normality. The game plays like a dream on next-gen consoles and will be just as riveting on the PS4 too.

Plus, the ultimate edition comes with The Foundation and AWE expansions, so there's more than enough content to keep you in that big creepy building.

Control: Ultimate Edition is avaliable on PlayStation Plus until March 1st.

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Concrete Genie, PS4

Looking for a bit more levity? PlayStation Plus has you covered with Concrete Genie.

In this sweet action-adventure title, wield your magic paintbrush and return to the town of Denska to cleanse its streets. Your magical and mischievous genies will aid you on your quest, as you defeat enemies and solve puzzles as you travel.

Concrete Genie Playstation Plus
Concrete Genie

This multi-award winning title certainly isn't one to be missed. Especially as it has two additional modes built with PlayStation VR in mind, so you can let your creativity run rampant.

Concrete Genie is avaliable on PlayStation Plus until March 1st.

PlayStation Plus is doing a good job of competing with Xbox Live at the moment. Especially after Microsoft's recent U-Turn on their insane Xbox Live price hike.

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