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PlayStation is Making Changes to its Trophy System

It seems that PlayStation is set to make some new changes to its iconic Trophy System, just in time for the PS5’s release.

The satisfying sound of a PlayStation Trophy being earned has been a staple of Sony’s brand since the PS3 launch. Some gamers care more about unlocking Trophies than others, but everyone has experienced the feeling of accomplishment that comes with earning one.

Now, PlayStation is set to make changes to its Trophy system, and you won’t need a PS5 to experience it. In a new blog on the PlayStation website, Director Toshimasa Aoki announces the upcoming changes.

PlayStation’s Changes to the Trophy System

Firstly, Trophy levels are getting a revamp. Previously, levels of Trophy went from 1-100, but these scores will now range between 1-999.

Immediately following the update, players will discover that their current Trophy levels will change to reflect this. The blog gives an example, with a Trophy level of 12 getting a major upgrade to the low 200’s.

Trophy Changes
(Source: Sony)

Of course, this is just a number at the end of the day. While your score may have seen some inflation, it’s more or less in the same place as it was.

Next up, Trophy levels are getting a re-calculation. Now, players will progress quickly through the early Trophy levels, gaining increases more consistently.

Earning all Trophies in a game will unlock the Platinum Trophy as ever, and this will now count more towards your level progression.

In order to expand upon the new level range, Trophy icons are changing to reflect their differences. Rather than a solitary Trophy star, players will now see a steadily upgrading icon to reflect their current progress.

As you earn Trophies and make your way through the ranks, your Trophy goes from Bronze to Silver, Gold, and finally Platinum. Each step of the way, the icon continues to evolve with your point count.

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When Is the Trophy System Changing?

PlayStation Trophies
(Source: Sony)

This is a simple question to answer: right now! In fact, as you’re reading this, your Trophies may already be seeing the change.

Gamers in North America will be seeing the new Trophy system appear later tonight. Those in Europe will be getting the system in the early hour of tomorrow morning.

No exact times are given, but we’d imagine that PlayStation’s Trophy system changes are set to go live worldwide at roughly the same time.

Of course, the PS5 will come built-in with the new update, but it’s also set to come to all past systems. Disappointingly, this cross-gen policy doesn’t apply to save data, and PS4 game saves won’t transfer over to PS5.

We can forgive the upcoming PlayStation though, especially as the new PS5 4K videos make the next-gen console look beautiful.

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