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Is Sony’s PlayStation Home Making A Return For The PS5?

PlayStation Home could be making a return after a recent discovery hinted at the revival of the service. The popular social experience, which shut down in 2015, could be set to make a fresh appearance for the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Home, a rather unusual experimental social experience from Sony, could be re-introduced for the PlayStation 5. Interestingly, PlayStation Home debuted in 2008 for the PS3, it featured a social hub world where players could immerse themselves with fun social activities and engage with other players.

playstation 5 home
(PlayStation 5)

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Similarly, players were also able to design their own avatar as well as decorate their own space with a variety of different cosmetic items, including items from popular PlayStation games. However, sadly, Sony pulled the plug on the experience back in 2015.

Interestingly, PlayStation Home may even work in conjunction with Sony’s DualSense PSVR 2 controller, which was recently revealed. Think of a polished and well-produced VR experience akin to that of VR Chat, but with all the power of a huge company like Sony.

PlayStation Home
(Sony’s PlayStation Home)

Now, it appears that they may be bringing the service back, and it might well be better than ever. Take a look at the evidence which suggests the live service could be returning at some point in the future.

PlayStation Home Could Be Returning To PS5

PlayStation Home was well ahead of its time back in the PS3 era. However, the online social service is now ripe for a comeback with the rise of VR technology. New information has surfaced which hints at its revival, possibly even for the PlayStation 5.

According to one insider, Sony apparently has a few surprises up their sleeve. Although this is likely a response to the success of the Xbox Game Pass, Sony could capture attention with the revival of a beloved project. However, bear in mind this is only speculation and may not actually be what Sony is planning.

playstation vr 2
(PlayStation VR 2)

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Interestingly, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a hint as to what Sony may have planned. Recently it was discovered that Sony renewed the trademark for PlayStation Home, extending the rights until 2028. Although this could simply be Sony wanting to keep a hold of their patents, it could also mean something more.

Many now believe that with the patent, Sony has plans to re-introduce the social service. Interestingly, Sony has recently stated that the PS5 will have “more exclusives than ever before”. PlayStation Home could well be one of these projects.

sony logo
(Sony PlayStation 5)

What is even more interesting is that fans have even noticed more details in the patent. There is even reference to staging online tournaments, motion pictures, news, sports, and events. Perhaps Sony intends to use PlayStation Home as a means of broadcasting these other types of content to players.

Interestingly this would even work well with the PlayStation Plus ‘Video Pass’ streaming service that has been heavily rumored recently. Imagine watching a live event from inside a social hub with friends and strangers alike. There is even room for exclusive events, similar to what Fortnite has done in the past.

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