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PlayStation Fan Orders PS5 Digital Edition, Receives Standard Version Instead

The future is here and the PS5 is now sitting in homes around the world. While some regions may still have under a week to wait, there has already been some early teething issues. But not all of them are bad, particularly this one featuring the PS5 Digital Edition.

Mistakes and accident happen during a console launch. Companies like Sony have lot to organise to pull it off, so fans need to give them some leeway and be patient.

But every now and then there’s a happy accident. As we know, there are two versions of the PS5 a standard version with a disk drive, and a sleeker digital only version that doesn’t feature a disk drive.

The PS5 Digital Edition is cheaper than the standard version, which may have encouraged some to buy it instead. Especially if they tend to play digital games these days and not buy them on disk.

Sony gifts fan PS5

PS5 Digital Edition - A Happy Accident

Twitter user @CoreyCudney was excited to open his brand new PS5 on launch day. He had ordered the PS5 Digital Edition but upon unboxing discovered Sony had sent him the wrong console!

Despite receiving the black box associated with the digital version the console inside was actually the standard disk version. Sony had put the wrong console inside the box – a more expensive one at that.

Corey himself shared his surprise on Twitter:

Naturally Corey was surprised but was just happy to have a PS5 at all. Like we said, it’s a happy accident. Corey now has a more expensive console than he ordered!

He now has the option to play PS5 games by disk (as well as PS4 games) if he likes. He seems happy to have either a PS5 Digital Edition or a standard version.

We echo the sentiments of his Tweet, “Here’s to a new generation!” Also, nice Young Bucks t-shirt Corey!

It’s day 2 of the PS5 release, here’s who still may have PS5 stock.


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