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PlayStation Experience PSX Event Coming Soon, Reports Suggest

A new PlayStation Experience event could be coming soon, as Sony registers a new trademark for PSX.

We’re all done with E3 2021, and it was a hell of a ride this year. With huge gameplay trailers by Microsoft, exciting new Nintendo reveals, and a few surprising showcases from other publishers, we could barely ask for more.

But one company was notably missing from E3 this year, and PlayStation fans are eager to hear more about what’s to come. After all, there’s yet to be any official mention of Sony’s big showcase event, there’s almost certainly one coming soon.

playstation experience psx
(Source: Sony)

Now, a new trademark for PSX by Sony is sparking rumors about a PS4/PS5 event coming soon. And that’s not all that’s got fans excitable right now either.

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Sony Registers PlayStation Trademark PSX

In an exciting new development, Sony has just registered a new trademark for the PlayStation Experience event ‘PSX’.

In the PSX official registration, it is identified as being related to the “Arranging and organizing online shows featuring video game playing and news.”

It’s unsurprising, therefore, that gamers believe PSX is related to an upcoming PlayStation Experience showcase. This year’s PlayStation event will likely showcase the upcoming Last of Us remake, the new Uncharted game, and more!

(Source: Naughty Dog)

We recently heard more about The Last of Us: Part 3’s story, but we don’t think that game will be ready to showcase. Instead, Naughty Dog will likely reveal more details about its upcoming multiplayer title The Last of Us 2: Factions.

Since PlayStation has around 25 first-party games in development, PSX will be quite the show. And many gamers are hoping to see more from God of War, after a recent delay.

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We also need confirmation about Horizon Forbidden West which might not release in 2021!

PlayStation Showcase Event Coming Soon?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard rumors about an upcoming PlayStation event, however. Just last week, Resetera leaker Navtra teased an upcoming showcase in “a couple more weeks.”

What’s more, we had a 4Chan leak back in May that revealed a Sony event for the end of June. If this one proves correct, it looks as though we’ll be seeing our first look at the PSVR 2 at PSX this year!

god of war ragnarok ps5
(Source: Santa Monica Studio)

We actually got a new release date leak for the PSVR 2 just the other day too. Judging by how soon the hardware is coming out, it could well appear at a June showcase.

And with PlayStation 5 consoles finally arriving in stores, the stock shortage is almost over. It’s an exciting time to be a Sony fan!

Since PlayStation 5 sales are already overwhelming Xbox Series X/S revenue, this could be where Sony’s lead becomes to truly take off.

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