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Massive PlayStation Experience Event Leaks for December 2021

It seems that a PlayStation Experience could take place in December 2021, according to a new leak.

This week, we were treated to the long-awaited PlayStation Showcase, and already rumblings of another are getting fans excited.

It’s hard to blame them for wanting more, however. After the incredible reveal of Spider-Man and Wolverine for PS5, we definitely want to see more next-gen exclusives soon.

What’s more, although we finally got another God of War Ragnarok trailer, there are still so many games awaiting their time in the spotlight!

Spider-Man 2
(Source: Insomniac Games)
Insomniac Games

Recently, we heard about an upcoming Infamous game bringing the franchise back after a long hiatus. Perhaps this is where we’ll finally get that reveal!

PlayStation Experience Event – December 2021

According to a new leak, there’s a PlayStation Experience event coming this December 2021, to finish the year with a bang.

Although we got a ton of incredible reveals and trailers during the PlayStation Showcase, the ride isn’t over yet. Earlier this year, we saw Sony register the PlayStation Experience trademark, and one leaker is already teasing the reason why.

Reddit user Air_Radiant was able to accurately predict the date of the recent PlayStation Showcase, as well as confirm the acquisition of Housemarque early. Now, they’re claiming that Sony has a new AAA studio in Japan to be announced later this year.

Allegedly, the new Japanese studio will get an unveil during a PlayStation Experience event in December 2021. And that’s not all the announcement will bring…

hogwarts legacy
(Source: Portkey Games)
Warner Bros

Not only will the new studio have an exciting game reveal, but the PSVR 2 will get its official design reveal too. And on top of that, the leaked PSVR Wipeout Reboot will appear, as well as Astro Bot 2.

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Of course, Sony has a lot of other games to reveal, such as The Last of Us Factions and the PS5 exclusive FromSoftware title. New rumors suggest that Silent Hill, Sunset Overdrive, and more could also be returning.

Take this new leak with a pinch of salt for the time being, however. With a lot of these claims being things we’ve heard in the past, only the reveal of Sony’s Japan studio can prove this leak as accurate.

In other news, fans are complaining about fat Thor in God of War Ragnarok

Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West has the best Collectors Editions we’ve ever seen.

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