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PlayStation Direct Invite-Only PS5 Restock Happening on December 8

Yet another PS5 restock is dropping today, December 8, at PlayStation Direct, but you’ll need an email invite to get a console!

Gamers have struggled for well over a year now to buy a PS5. However, today could be the day many games finally get their hands on one.

The last time PlayStation Direct restocked PS5s was November 29, so many have been waiting patiently. Luckily, the first PlayStation Direct restock of December will be happening later today.

Find out all of the details on how you could get a PS5 from PS Direct in the December 8 restock.

Also, check out every expected PS5 restock from December 6-12. Just in time for Christmas!

Source: Sony

Email Invite PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock – December 8

Buying directly from Sony is one of the very best ways to get a PS5 console. Check our guide on how to buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct to give you the best chance.

For the past few months, Sony has sent out email invites for its PS5 restocks. The December 8 restock is no different.

Sony selects a few players who are able to buy a PS5 in each restock and are notifies them by email. This email is linked to your PSN account, so only the invited person can buy a PS5.

What’s more, this email contains all of the details needed, including the date and time they can buy a PS5.

Find out how to sign up for PlayStation Direct restock email invitations if you didn’t get an invite.


The email says that the December 8 PlayStation Direct PS5 restock will be open from 11 AM – 4 PM PT / 2 PM – 7 PM ET for invited customers. You’ll only be able to buy a PS5 during this window!

Sony has also previously released PS5 consoles on general sale following the invite-only restock, but this is unlikely. However, we wouldn’t totally rule this out in the lead-up to Christmas.

Loads of PS5 orders have been canceled at Target recently, so we hope that PlayStation Direct doesn’t have this problem too!

What’s more, Walmart has also canceled many PS5 orders. It looks like this is becoming a major problem for gamers looking for a PS5.

Meanwhile, Sony has just revealed the mind-blowing updated PS5 sales numbers. If so many consoles have been sold so far then how come it is still so difficult to get a PS5?

PS Direct Invitational Email for PS5 Restock on December 8
PlayStation Direct
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Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Complete bullshit having to buy a membership just so that you can get a PS5 or an Xbox x they can kiss my fucking ass


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

@Mark, I think you meant having to buy memberships... and STILL not being able to buy one. This SUCKS.