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How to Claim Destruction AllStars for Free, Without a PS5

Players have found a way to claim Destruction AllStars completely for free, even without owning a PS5.

It's a good time to be a PlayStation owner, as the latest slew of PlayStation Plus games are some of the service's best yet.

February's brilliant PlayStation Plus games are excellent examples of the best and most exciting AAA games and are doing well to compete with Xbox's Games With Gold. It's a good time to stand up against them too, especially after Microsoft's insane Gold pricing U-turn.

The games coming free to PlayStation Plus in February are great titles, but one, in particular, is a remarkable example of what the PS5 can really do.

Destruction AllStars Comes to Playstation Plus

Destruction AllStars has stoked curiosity in players ever since its reveal back in June last year. The game takes the destruction derby genre and injects some cartoonish flair into it with its new features and exaggerated characters.

destruction allstars playstation
Destruction AllStars

Interest was palpable already, but its recent appearance in the brilliant State of Play presentation only made fans more excited.

The most exciting element of the game, however, comes when your car has been destroyed. The character you have chosen will ping out of the top of your car, and you can run about the ring, kicking players in the face until you can find a new vehicle.

Flying vehicular shrapnel and bombastic smashing animations seem rather taxing for any other console, but the PS5 will be able to handle it with no problem.

It's exciting proof of what the next generation of consoles can handle, especially with that number of cars flying about. And even more exciting; it's going to be completely free for the next month.

Yes, with PlayStation Plus, you'll be able to claim a Destruction AllStars free download until April 5th. Not only that; you don't even need to own a PS5 yet.

How To Claim Destruction AllStars Without A PS5

PlayStation 5 stock has been a sticky subject for gamers everywhere. But, thankfully, Sony has a workaround for those who haven't yet been able to join the next generation.

You can still claim the game completely for free without the newest console, meaning it'll be there waiting for you when you eventually get the chance to upgrade.

All you have to do to Destruction AllStars for free, is download the PS app on your smartphone.

destruction allstars playstation
Destruction AllStars

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Once you've done that, find the game on the PS Store, and you'll be able to add the game to your library.

And that's it! Once you upgrade to the next PlayStation console, you'll simply be able to install it and play. It's that easy.

The system has been the same for the last next-gen games on Plus, including the likes of Maneater and Bugsnax. It's expected to remain the same for the next PlayStation Plus titles, so you can do this month after month until you finally get the PS5.

bugsnax playstation

At least you'll know you have a game waiting for you on the new console when you finally get your hands on it. But stock problems are still rife; Walmart restocked the PS5 three times and still sold out recently.

Keep an eye on our PS5 USA stock tracker to ensure you can get your hands on one.

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