A brand-new PlayStation TV ad shows Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Joel, Ellie, and even Kratos and Atreus supporting their favorite teams at the UEFA Champions League.

PlayStation ads that bring the platform’s iconic characters to life are always our favorites. It’s great seeing these beloved personalities actually feature in the real world, and this time they’re here to watch the footie.

Soccer fans will likely see the new PlayStation x UEFA Champions League advert on TV very soon, but we’ve got a link for you below:

PlayStation x UEFA Champions League New TV Spot

The new PlayStation advert shows the platform’s support as one of the sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, and brings some iconic characters to watch the soccer.

The advert kicks things off with Astro, who is there to collect the referee’s coin toss.

Both Spider-Men also make a welcome cameo, saving fans watching in New York from a falling jumbotron. However, judging by the cheers, attendees are just happy to be able to see the match again.

Joel and Ellie race in on a horse to deliver the ball for kickoff, and Kratos and Atreus join fans in the stand, with the Gjallarhorn to show their support.

If you’re wondering why these PlayStation characters are present at a Champions League match, the answer is simple. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a long-time sponsor of the competition and has collaborated with UEFA for more than 20 years.

A similar trailer was also released last year, with Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, Horizon’s Aloy, and both Ratchet and Clank joining Atreus and Kratos on the pitch.

We can’t wait to see which characters turn up next year!

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