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PlayStation CEO Claims PS5 Games Are Built From Ground Up, Worth $70

According to a new interview with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, PS5 games are worth their $70 price tag.

With the introduction of the new generation of gaming comes a new raise to the price of video games. Now, modern titles are starting to retail at $70 for a standard release.

This price increase was met with outrage from the gaming community, but it’s clear that gamers are willing to pay it at the end of the day. After all, countless users just dropped the cash for a cross-generation bundle of Black Ops Cold War.

PS5 Demon's Souls Game
(Source: BluePoint Games)

Even more will be picking up Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Ultimate Edition or Demon’s Souls too. Perhaps Ryan’s new claims that the $70/£70 price tag is fair might be due to the community’s willingness to open their wallets.

PlayStation CEO Defends the New Game Prices

In a new interview with The Telegraph, PlayStation CEO states that he believes in the new price point. It’s worth noting that those gamers in the UK face an even steeper leap, from £50 to £70 standard pricing.

“Yes, I do (consider it fair),” Ryan answered, when questioned on the rise. “If you measure the hours of entertainment provided by a video game, such as Demon’s Souls, compared to any other form of entertainment, I think that’s a very straightforward comparison to draw.”

It’s certainly true that video games, on average, can consume more time than the average form of entertainment. Compared to a book, cinema trip, music gig, and more, gaming is still a fantastic bang for your buck.

There are some games that players spend hundreds to thousands of hours invested in. Even if the price were $100+, these titles would still be very much worth the money (not to give PlayStation any ideas here).

jim ryan sony PS5 launch

However, the steep price point will likely make gamers more skeptical about picking up a new purchase. This is sure to be the case at least once the PS5 hype levels die down a little.

After all, if you’re not certain you’ll enjoy playing Demon’s Souls for long, you may not gamble on the $70 title as quickly as you would a cheaper one.

When asked about the cost of premium first-party titles in the future, such as a major Naughty Dog title, Ryan refused to comment on prices. According to the CEO, he’s unwilling to make “any predictions about anything that might or might not happen in the future.”

We’ll have to wait and see just how gamers respond to the new pricing over time for now. However, Ryan had more to say on exactly why games are worth the increase in cost.

PS5 Games Are Built From the Ground Up

According to Ryan’s statements, all PlayStation 5 games are being built from the ground up with the new hardware. This means that titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West, and more are all created with the PS5 in mind.

(Source: Sony)

Therefore, it’s understandable to have one price for PS4 gamers and another for PS5. While you’re basically buying the same title, one has been made to take full advantage of better hardware.

We’re sure not every gamer will see it this way, but at least there’s a reason for the increase. As usual, PC gamers will enjoy regular pricing for now, before the cost starts to creep up to match consoles.

After all, developers don’t want to be making less money on their games on one particular platform. But there certainly doesn’t seem to be as much of an excuse for the PC price rise.

Right now, fans are trying desperately to get hold of the new console for the second PlayStation 5 launch day. It seems that millions of gamers are okay with the possibility of spending extra cash on games, so long as they have a PS5 to play it on.

Interestingly though, some gamers are unknowingly running the PS4 versions of their games by mistake. Here’s how to make sure you’re playing the PS5 version of a game.

Taking a look at the list of most played PlayStation 5 games, we can see that very few gamers are playing Godfall, despite it being part of the launch line-up. With this title, we imagine it would have made more sales in the launch hype, were there no price rise.

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