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PlayStation CEO Says “Absolutely Everything is Sold” for PS5

In the case of the new PlayStation, it appears that demand is vastly outweighing supply. According to the company’s CEO, absolutely every PS5 is already sold.

Following the PS5’s worldwide launch, there are still thousands of gamers without the next-gen console. But it appears that there’s going to be a lengthy wait for those without the powerful new device, as the supply has dried up.

In a new interview, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan dashes the hopes of every fan who was hoping for another wave of PS5 consoles to drop. Of course, while stock levels are at an all-time low right now, PlayStation is focussing on production to ensure there are enough consoles to go around.

PS5 Controller
(Source: Sony)

“Absolutely Everything is Sold” for PS5 – PlayStation CEO

The interview with Russian news outlet TASS is sure to have a lot of PlayStation fans very upset. After all, when asked about PS5 sales now coming up to a week after worldwide launch, Jim Ryan had this to say:

“Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold… I’ve spent much of the last year trying to be sure that we can generate enough demand for the product. And now in terms of my executive bandwidth I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand.”

It seems that perhaps the PlayStation CEO was a little too good at generating demand for the PS5, which is now impossible to find anywhere.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO
(Source: Sony)

Ryan also delves into why the PS5 supply is so low at launch, stating that he wouldn’t recommend a big console launch during a global pandemic. According to the CEO, production was an issue after COVID-19 restricted workers from entering factories.

All manufacturing preparation had to be handled remotely via camera. As Ryan points out, this is no easy feat for a complex console like the PS5.

Reportedly, the team behind the console’s manufacturing has “worked miracles.”

Those still waiting for a PS5 to become available might disagree with that assessment.

But in fact, while no global pandemic may have led to a few more PS5s being ready to sell, the added volume reportedly wouldn’t be too substantial. This claim appears to indicate that this volume of PS5 consoles was roughly what PlayStation was aiming for.

Jim Ryan also indicates that the PS4 will still be the largest PlayStation community until 2022. After all, with 114 million PS4s in homes worldwide, the PS5 has got some catching up to do.

Who Has PS5 Stock?

Absolutely Everthing Sold PS5
(Source: Sony)

Of course, while Sony claims that everything is sold, some retailers still have PS5 stock to work with. Some retailers are selling the PS5 on Black Friday, which is fast approaching.

For many, this will be the last opportunity to obtain a next-gen console before the PS5 comes back in stock. The PS5 had one of the worst launches in modern history, however we’re sure Sony doesn’t think so.

PlayStation’s only real concern right now is creating as much PS5 stock as possible. The company is likely financially set for 2021, based solely on the initial console hype.

However, it’s with Sony’s new IPs that the PS5 can really begin to take off. Getting another new IP on the market is essential for keeping PlayStation in the public eye.

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