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PlayStation Celebrates Xbox Series X/S Launch Day

It seems that console wars are a thing of the past, at least among developers. As Xbox posts regarding its Series X/S launch day, PlayStation joins in on the celebrations.

Lately, Xbox has rebranded itself as a company that is no longer in competition with PlayStation. Although the two companies have been battling for dominance over the last few generations, it seems that now the duo is putting their differences aside.

Xbox is now allowing gamers to play their favorite titles; however, they’d like, even if that’s not on an Xbox Series X/S. The brand has incorporated both mobile gamers and PC gamers into its fanbase.

xbox series x

And despite the company’s recent purchase of ZeniMax Media, the next big Bethesda titles aren’t even necessarily exclusive to Xbox. It appears that the two old rivals are finally branching out and supporting one another.

Now, in a nice touch, PlayStation is bringing the love to celebrate the Xbox Series X/S launch day.

PlayStation Celebrates Xbox Series X/S Launch

In a new post on the official Xbox Twitter, the company announced that the long-awaited next-generation of gaming has finally launched. Ending their notice with “however you choose to play, happy gaming,” the company likely references the upcoming PS5.

PlayStation Celebrates Xbox Launch
(Source: Sony/Microsoft)

In response, PlayStation puts out a tweet of its own. Joining in on the celebrations, the company posts a clip from Mortal Kombat 11.

But instead of the series’ notorious Fatalities, PlayStation instead celebrates the Xbox Series X/S launch with the game’s new Friendship finishers.

For those uninitiated, Friendships are comical takes on Fatalities that are far nicer alternatives than ripping your opponent limb from limb. In PlayStation’s post, they use Jax’s saxophone-playing Friendship to announce their support for the release.

It’s nice to see the two studios getting along. Next up, we need to see the fans follow in their footsteps.

Seeing as the PlayStation 5 officially launches tomorrow, it’s more than likely that Xbox will return the congratulations. We wonder what clip they’ll use to do so.

It’s not all been smooth sailing for the Xbox Series X/S launch, however. A series of posts online have suggested that the Xbox Series X console is catching fire.

The authenticity of these clips is yet to be proven, but the Xbox Series X also has a worryingly loud disc drive issue. We should point out that not all devices are faulty, though, and the vast majority are working fine.

If you’re bringing home some next-gen hardware, here’s how to set up your new Xbox Series X/S console.

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