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New PlayStation Acquisition “Bigger Than Kojima Productions”, Claims Jeff Grubb

PlayStation reportedly has a new acquisition in the works and it’s a big one, according to insider Jeff Grubb.

The rumors of PlayStation making a new acquisition have been circling for weeks now. Recently, Sony acquired Bungie, securing itself one of the biggest FPS developers on the market.

This seemed suspiciously close to Microsoft acquiring Activision, giving it control of the Call of Duty franchise, but could well be a coincidence, given how long these types of deals take.

Nevertheless, it certainly feels like Microsoft’s purchase was a bigger deal by far, so what else does PlayStation have in store?

Kojima Productions Logo
Kojima Productions

Recently, Death Stranding was added to a PlayStation Studios banner. This lead many to believe that Kojima Productions could be the newest studio to be purchased.

But after Kojima himself shut down the rumors, fans are speculating once more. And now, one insider is revealing that the purchase will be a big one.

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Massive PlayStation Acquisition Incoming in 2022?

It seems that PlayStation’s newest acquisition is going to be a major one, according to new comments by Jeff Grubb.

The reliable insider recently commented on the Kojima Productions rumor in a new video titled “Sony Can’t Even Update A Banner Without People Losing Their Minds”.

In the video podcast, the insider confirms that the recent rumors involving Sony and Kojima are false, which is no shock since we’ve heard that from Kojima himself.

But recently, Jeff Grubb also revealed that the name he’s hearing is “bigger than Kojima Productions”.

PlayStation Studios Adds Death Stranding to Its Banner

In all fairness, while Hideo Kojima’s studio would be an excellent get for Sony, Death Stranding was already a PlayStation exclusive title on console. What’s more, the developer has less than 100 employees, and a single announced project in the works – meaning that most major game studios would qualify as a ‘bigger’ acquisition.

We’ll have to wait and see what acquisition news breaks next. But one thing’s for sure; the internet won’t stop discussing the rumors until it’s finally revealed – and maybe not even then.

In other major Sony news, it appears that the PS VR2 may release in 2023, after a new delay.

Plus, we’ve got all the information on the PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium Tiers that are coming soon!

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