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PlayStation 5’s Fan Will Be Adjusted in Future Updates

The PS5 needs some real cooling due to the next-gen console’s power, so Sony has made sure that the fan can be adjusted accordingly.

Since the PlayStation 5 is a console of tremendous power, it needs an appropriate way to cool down. As we saw in the PS5 teardown video, the console boasts a large cooling fan that’s sure to help with this.

However, the fan we see in tech demos might not end up being the same as the one gamers see in action. That is to say, the fan’s hardware will be the same, but the PS5’s software may well get a change.

PlayStation’s Yasuhiro Otori, in a recent interview with Japanese site, states that the fan might get adjustments.

The PlayStation 5’s Fan

The PS5’s fan is 120mm in diameter and 45mm in thickness. Given these dimensions, it’s clear that the cooling equipment is a rather substantial size.

PS5 Fan
(Source: Sony)

Yasuhiro Otori claims that the size was chosen specifically to achieve a high level of quietness. Due to the fan’s size, the blades can be rotated slowly to achieve the same effect as a smaller fan at a higher speed.

Sony has evidently focused on making the console as quiet as possible with the PS5. Those who own a PlayStation 4 will understand the importance of this, as the console’s fans are often equated to a jet engine taking off.

In addition, the fan’s material is a glass fiber polybutylene terephthalate. The advantage of this material is that it is both strong and minimally deformed by heat.

Those who game in a warm environment will be thankful for the new fan blades. Reportedly, the fan’s design has enough of a safety margin that the main unit won’t fail, even in severe temperatures.

Adjusting the Fan in Future Updates

But where the fan might not be sufficient, Sony is already preparing to take measures. The PS5 has three temperature sensors on its main board in order to control the fan speed.

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Should the console become hot for an extended period of time, the fan’s speed will increase. And with upcoming games likely getting more demanding as time goes on, the PS5 aims to be future-proof.

Miles Morales Spider-Man
(Source: Insomniac Games)

If a game is causing a lot of heat, and Sony can see that its maximum fan speed isn’t sufficient, the company may make a change. In this instance, PS5 consoles might get louder than expected, as software updates prompt the fan to spin faster.

This could also work the other way around, of course. Particularly easy to run games might lead to an even quieter PS5.

We’re certain that at the very least, things are going to be less noisy than the PS4 was.

Recently we saw that the Xbox Series X has lower temperatures than the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. With both Microsoft and Sony focusing on keeping the next-gen consoles cool, it’ll be interesting to see just how far games can push the hardware.

Speaking of the upcoming software, the first PS5 game has been officially manufactured. Given that the console releases in a little under a month, excitement levels are reaching an all-time high.

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