For those looking to pick up a PS5, it seems some Walmarts may have a restock in stores.

The elusive PlayStation 5 seems to be getting easier to pick up now, as the console reaches over 20 million units sold.

While it can be difficult to find sometimes, buying a PS5 will be easier now than during the holiday period later this year.

And it seems some Walmarts may have PS5 stock in-store, waiting for someone to buy them. However, you can also use this Best Buy restock toggle trick to get a console today.

PS5 Restock at Some Walmart Stores – August 3

Many PlayStation 5 owners are sharing news of PS5s being in-stock in some Walmart stores.

Many users on social media are sharing images and information regarding the PlayStation 5 being in stock in some Walmarts.

One user shared an image on Twitter of PlayStation 5 Disc Edition on a shelf in Walmart, confirming that some consoles are available in their local store.

And another user shared an image of their local Walmart store on the r/PS5Restock subreddit.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to check online whether your local Walmart store has some in stock too. You can always call up, or pop in to see if they do. Make sure to find your local store on Walmart’s Store Finder.

Fortunately, if your local Walmart doesn’t have the stock, there’s one retailer that sells some PlayStation 5 consoles everyday!

Even if your local store doesn’t have any PS5s in stock, it seems that stock is becoming more readily available. Hopefully, this is a sign of the stock shortages coming to an end.